Could make for fun travelling on Friday's

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Re: Could make for fun travelling on Friday's

Post by 1080 » Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:10 am

Glad to hear they are replacing the "Grove Road Bridge". That along with the since replaced bridge over the Yellow Breeches at Rt. 34 and the Rt. 74 - Rt. 174 intersection had to have to have been the leading highway death traps in Cumberland County history as far as actual crash spots.

Like all the post have said....unless you are coming through Dillsburg, you shouldn't be affected unless you were driving the long way to the track.

Rt. 15....Lisburn Road West....might take ya 2 minutes longer...

Brent...Is the Rt. 75 Bridge done yet. The first time I encountered it (unknowingly) was after a Port the dark.....WTF is this?...LOL
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