Double WoO weekend?

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Re: Double WoO weekend?

Post by Ted » Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:45 pm

In hagerstowns defense on octoberfest I mean really you race 2 days in the day time and well it's going to rubber any intelligent race fan knows this and if they ran it at night y'all would complain about it being too cold. Heck the world finals turns into a snoozer after having 2 days of racing and Saturday it pretty well boring by feature time. Theres a lot worse track prep out there go to natural bridge or east side speedway in southern Virginia one time the tracks black from the week before they spray a little water on it and run it in with the pack trucks. Potomac didn't hurt williams groves car count as Jamie stated most of them guys live with in 10-30 minutes away they paid 2000 to win down there on Friday lets see to drive 3hours away or stay home for 2000 no brainer. Simple economics if you ask me but what do I know I'm just a dumb latemodel/usac fan in a silly wing sprint car world
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Re: Double WoO weekend?

Post by hotrodney » Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:07 pm

GOSHOW wrote:
Agreed HTown is a freaking joke last 2 Speedweeks there track was black after warm ups quick time was 19 seconds last year.

Joke is correct! I remember Steve Swarmer telling me last year he turned a better time there when he was racing, like what 30 or more years ago. Some say it takes skill, but it is a skill I don't care to pay to see with a sprint car.
Yeah it's a real shame because H-town is an awesome track when it's prepped. It just seems that they don't even care enough to water it for a speedweek race. The only way I'll go this year is if they have a shower that morning.
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