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Post by Turn4Henchman » Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:33 am

DRUNKS :drunken:

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Post by CH_88 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:40 am

wolfie2985 wrote:
poolguy wrote:
SpcJay wrote:Is there some kind of rule involving the Outlaws about alcohol? I noticed from watching the video after Fred said about getting drunk Bruce kind of whispered in his ear about something and you can clearly hear Fred tell the one guy who comes up with the cooler that he can't have a beer. I mean, I guess you dont want to advertise reckless behavior or anything, but the guy just won his biggest and final race of his career...I think he should be able to enjoya cold one.


Probably something was said about being on CBS Sports on TV and it won't look good about cussing and drinking in Victory Lane.
Fred can get a big bear hug from a big fan, get drunk as hell, Bruce can chill-out, and CBS can edit the tape.
If you turn sprint car racing into another 'big NASCAR- style commercial' you've just erased half of its appeal. Jus' sayin'
I agree. Granted I don't exactly approve of the drunk guys behavior but what you said is spot on. Sprint car racing is one of the few sports left where you don't have to be politically correct and you are still judged based on what you do behind the wheel. Not whether or not your marketable enough for a big sponsor to plaster you all over TV. You can be the ugliest dude in the world but if you can wheel it, your gonna get opportunities. If you are getting drunk as hell tonight, you can say it in victory lane and not wake up the next day and see ESPN “analysts" debating over whether you were out of line or not. Take that out of sprint car racing and it will flat out ruin it. Just like it did NASCRAP.
Way she goes.............

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Post by HotRodBob » Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:19 am

ESPN and Fox show NASCAR drivers drinking beer in victory lane all the time, so, that doesn't hold water. Look at Keselowski after winning the cup. They interviewed him on ESPN while CLEARLY buzzed, cursing, sluring words, chugging beer. I think that Bruce was just trying to control a chaotic atmosphere.

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Post by SpcJay » Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:29 am

Yea, I was headed that way in my origonal post but just decided to leave it out. I've speant many of Outlaw races out in the field drinking a few cold ones with the very drivers I just paid to watch run. Hell, I've seen Donny Schatz and his crew absolutley plastered at what was the West Shore Hardware Bar only hours after the feature was over. I can remember as a kid, esp. with Fred sticking out to me, going down to the pits after the show and having Fred sign my banner or what not with a Sharpie in one hand and a cold beer in the other. That was part of his and these guys draw. They are just normal guys, most still making a living working a 40 hr week who like to race cars and drink a few beers with their friends on a Friday night. I mean, when Brad Kesolowski can win a championship, sponsored by Miller Lite and get chastised for drinking a beer or 5 in Victory Lane, that's not the Nascar I remember and I certainly don't want to see Sprint Car Racing go that direction either. And another part of the draw of Sprint Car Racing is the fans can all take part in the celebration and be right there only feet away from the drivers as he's interviewed. I remember as a little kid running down to the flagstand every week at Silver Springs to get my picture taken with the feature winner. While the big man (who also climbed the fence on the Hill) was a little drunk, Bruce needs to calm down a little bit and let the fans enjoy it also. Fred didnt seem to be offended by it and I believe he even called him by name and asked him then to put him down politley. TV is great and all and sponsors are great for funding and notoriety, but don't ruin my Sprint Car Racing in the process

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Post by Shover52 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:40 am

baltimore wrote:
kossuth wrote:
racefan669 wrote:Front stretch section C row O . The one guy was smoking ( and drinking ) all night long in the Grandstands. He had a buddy who was at his first sprint car race. After the Ryan Taylor Adam Wilt wreck the guy kept on saying " That was Good " That was Good " " That was good " Then the smoker was giggling talking about how messed up the cars were. Pretty sick if you ask me. Especialy after watching Ryan Taylor falling to the ground after he got out of his car. You could tell he was hurting. Let alone the thousands of dollars in damaged race cars ! These guys/morons were not kids either.Late 40s early 50s.
I was in section D row J (by the starters stand) with my daughter so we had a pretty good look at it. They were all damned lucky they weren't hurt worse. From what it looked like Taylor just had the wind knocked out of him. That was a hell of a lick. I thought for sure they were going to take out the starters stand.

What started all that anyways? I saw the 7M dart some and slow on that restart. I don't know if he got messed up on the start and had trouble, or if something happened in front of him. I didn't see what actually started the whole thing. All I know is I hope everybody will be ok because that was a pretty nasty wreck.
after complaining all week about getting front stretch tickets and reserved seats you must be new first open huh ever heard of
Unadilla good family vacation next year 50g;s outlaws what did you expect all the greed cared about about is money
this is why i don't go to outlaw races. cost too much and it brings out the non-sprint car fans who use the WoO-WoO shows as an excuse to get stupid.

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