In Need Of Photos Part II

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Scott Harro
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In Need Of Photos Part II

Post by Scott Harro » Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:11 am

need pics for speedway archives of the following drivers who are at or near the top of the all time win list. any year will do


Rick Bixler
Billy McNeal


Scott Sipe
Boyd Toner
Gary Beward
Steve Byers
John Stine
Kyle Bachman


Eddie Clark
Mike Erdley
Scott Dunham
Bud Witmer
Pat Burke
Matt Johnson
Gary Kerstetter
Nate Kerstetter

Semi-Late/Street Stock

Randy Masser
Mike Kratzer
Jim Stine


Dale Kerstetter
Jerry Hollenbach
Herb Lauver

Stock Cars

Gerald Zechman(modified)
Blackie Balliet (both sportsman and modified)
Bick Bickleman(sportsman)
John Crawford(sportsman)
Hal Lord(sportsman)
Pete Swarmer(modified)
Wilbur Reese (bot sportsman and modified)
Harlan "Cat" Fisher (sportsman)
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