Path Valley results 9/27

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Path Valley results 9/27

Post by racinrob » Sat Sep 28, 2013 4:36 pm

Two drivers win first at Path Valley

It is always nice to see a driver get his first win, or first win in a different class of cars. Path Valley Speedway got a double dose of that on Friday night.

The Street Stocks were the first feature, and possibly the most exciting of the night. Four drivers battled for the top spot early on. Ronnie Garlock led lap one, lost it on lap two to Devin Whitsel, only to regain it again on lap three. Whitsel, Joe Gustaf, and Ken Singer had a three-way duel for second while Garlock was setting the pace. Gustaf took over second on lap ten, only to give it back to Whitsel on lap sixteen. Singer spun out on lap seventeen and went to the pits, leaving a three way battle for the lead. Whitsel tried several attempts to pass Garlock on the outside, only to find the opening he needed on the inside, making the winning pass on lap eighteen. This was the first win for Whitsel in the Street Stock ranks. Garlock finished second and Gustaf third. Dustin Kirk and Carl Biddle completed the top five. Whitsel also won the heat race.

Jason Stoner started his racing career in Strictly Stocks, then spent a short time in 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, and is now running a Mini Stock. Stoner got his first win in a Mini Stock, and he did it in convincing fashion. Troy Cramer led the first three laps until Stoner worked by on the inside to gain the lead on lap four. Stoner then pulled out to a large advantage while Mark Grove and Gary Dehart worked their way forward after starting near the rear of the nine-car field. Grove led Dehart up thru the pack and they both passed Cramer to move into second and third on lap nine. By then Stoner’s lead was a full straightaway. Stoner’s lead diminished slightly over the last ten laps, but his lead was still over five car lengths when the checkered flag waved. Grove and Dehart finished second and third, with Bill Kennedy fourth and Cramer fifth. Dehart and Grove were the heat race winners.

Fifteen drivers were on hand for the Super Stock division. Bill Powell returned to action and the same story played out as it has several times before. Powell parlayed a heat race win into the pole position for the feature. Powell then led all twenty laps to score his seventh win of the year. Devin Hart may have been the fastest car on the track, coming from starting thirteenth to second on lap eleven. But just two laps later Hart’s car slowed to a stop and he was done. Curtis Guyer ran second almost the entire event and he finished second. Deron Henry started fourteenth and was able to make it up to finish third, battling with Derek Grabill in the closing laps. Adam Imes was right behind in fifth. Heat race wins went to Powell and Guyer.

Tony Hampton started second and grabbed the early lead in the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature. Hampton was using the high groove, but relinquished the lead when Justin Rasp worked by in the low groove on lap six. Dalton McQuade was also able to pass Hampton on lap ten and when the caution came out on lap thirteen Rasp’s lead was gone. McQuade moved by on the inside on the ensuing restart and then was able to keep Rasp a few car lengths behind the rest of the way to score the win. The win gave McQuade a bit of breathing room in the championship battle with only one race remaining. Rasp settled for second, Hampton third, with Terry Smith fourth and Robert McQuade fifth. Hampton and Smith won the heat races.

Justin Williamson scored feature win number fourteen in 2013 at Path Valley Speedway in the Strictly Stocks. Glenn Wilson led the first three laps and Ricky Weaver led lap four. Williamson went by both, making the winning pass on lap five. At that point everyone stayed in their positions with the top five being Williamson, Weaver, Wilson, Robert Wellman, and Scott Rohr. Williamson also won the heat race.

Natasha Moore won the Powder Puff race and Junior Guyer won in the Mechanics race.

Path Valley results 9/27

Street Stock: 1.Devin Whitsel (Three Springs, PA), 2.Ronnie Garlock, 3.Joe Gustaf, 4.Dustin Kirk, 5.Carl Biddle, 6.Ken Singer, 7.Rich Earhart DNS: Steve Lowery, Cris Edwards
Lap Leaders: Ronnie Garlock (1, 3-17), Devin Whitsel (2, 18-20)
Heat: Devin Whitsel

Mini Stock: 1.Jason Stoner (Mercersburg, PA), 2.Mark Grove, 3.Gary Dehart, 4.Bill Kennedy, 5.Troy Cramer, 6.Keith Walls, 7.Kenny Black, 8.Rusty Garlock, 9.Korey Washinger
Lap Leaders: Troy Cramer (1-3), Jason Stoner (4-20)
Heats: Gary Dehart, Mark Grove

Super Stock: 1.Bill Powell (Millerstown, PA), 2.Curtis Guyer, 3.Deron Henry, 4.Derek Grabill, 5.Adam Imes, 6.Craig Imes, 7.Brad Feight, 8.Carl Miller, 9.Curt Dunn, 10.Shawn Gill, 11.Bobbie Hoy, 12.Devin Hart, 13.David Gossert, 14.Austin Johnson, 15.Ryan Norris
Lap Leaders: Bill Powell (1-20)
Heats: Bill Powell, Curtis Guyer

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1.Dalton McQuade (McConnellsburg, PA), 2.Justin Rasp, 3.Tony Hampton, 4.Terry Smith, 5.Robert McQuade, 6.Shaun Linn, 7.Shaun Tiedt, 8.Kyle Martin, 9.Denny Scofield, 10.Corey Wagner
Lap Leaders: Tony Hampton (1-5), Justin Rasp (6-12), Dalton McQuade (13-20)
Heats: Tony Hampton, Terry Smith

Strictly Stock: 1.Justin Williamson (Orbisonia, PA), 2.Ricky Weaver, 3.Glenn Wilson, 4.Robert Wellman, 5.Scott Rohr, 6.Rayshawna Hardy
Lap Leaders: Glenn Wilson (1-3), Ricky Weaver (4), Justin Williamson (5-20)
Heat: Justin Williamson

8-Cylinder Powder Puff: 1.Natasha Moore (Saltillo, PA), 2.Samantha Guyer

8-Cylinder Mechanics Race: 1.Junior Guyer (Raystown, PA), 2.Jeff Gill, 3.Paul Guyer, 4.Storm Ranck

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