Path Valley results 10/4

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Path Valley results 10/4

Post by racinrob » Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:37 pm

Cream rises at Path Valley

The old saying, “the cream always rises to the top” seemed completely appropriate Friday night at Path Valley Speedway. It was the final point race for the stock car divisions. Three of the six championships were still undecided. After the dust settled, five of the six champions celebrated with a trip to victory lane.

Dalton McQuade entered Friday night with a seven point lead over Shaun Linn and nine points over Kyle Martin. Linn took the lead at the start, but was involved in a wreck and was forced to retire on lap three. McQuade took the lead on the restart and held off a late charge by Tony Hampton to score the win and clinch the championship. Robert McQuade finished third, ahead of Kyle Martin and Corey Wagner. Hampton won the heat race.

The Super Stock championship was already in-hand for Devin Hart. Hart inherited the lead when Steve Bard spun out on a restart on lap three. Hart was followed closely by Curtis Guyer for most of the event, including slight contact between the two on the final restart. Hart had enough speed running the high groove to hold Guyer back and take the win. Brad McGinnis made a last lap charge for second, but came up a few feet short at the line, finishing behind Guyer. Mike Goodwin made his first appearance at Path Valley this year and finished fourth. Alan Shives was the highest finishing driver not in a Chevy, bringing home his Ford Thunderbird in fifth. Heat race wins went to Brad Karns and Guyer.

The Late Model point championship was the tightest battle of them all. Wes Bonebrake led George Dixon by five points entering the final race. Both drivers won their respective heat races, keeping the spread at five points. When Dave Dunkle, who won the first heat race, pulled a number eight pill for the inversion, that meant Bonebrake and Dixon would start sixth and seventh in the seventeen car field. After a multi-car incident on the original start took out two cars and scrambled the starting order, Brad Kling took the lead and set the pace for seventeen laps. Dixon’s hope for a championship took a hit when he made contact with Bob Dunn and Dunn spun out, sending Dixon to the rear of the field. On lap eighteen Kling got caught behind three cars battling at the back and Todd Snook drove by on the inside to take the lead. Bonebrake moved past Kling a few laps later and set his sights on the leader. Snook rode the high groove while Bonebrake chose his preferred low line. Bonebrake slowly closed the gap and then made the winning pass on lap 23. The win was Bonebrake’s first of the year and the championship his second in two years. Snook finished second while Dixon made a huge run to come from the rear to finish third. Kling fell to fourth and Travis Mease finished fifth in his first visit to Path Valley this year.

Ken Singer had wrapped up the Street Stock championship a long time ago, coming into the last race with a lead of almost 400 points. Unfortunately for Singer, he was the only champion on this night not to win. But it wasn’t for lack of effort. Joe Gustaf led the first lap and Singer took over on lap two. Greg Moore was also mixing it up with the leaders and took the lead when Singer got too far sideways in turn two and took a trip thru the infield to keep from spinning out. When Singer pulled back up on the track he started losing fluid and came to a stop in turn three. While Moore held a comfortable lead, Emory Covert and Gustaf ran nearly side-by-side for second the rest of the way, trading the position back and forth several times. At the finish it was Moore taking the win with Covert a car length ahead of Gustaf for second. Calvin Redding finished fourth and Singer fifth. Gustaf was the heat race winner.

Gary Dehart had a 27 point cushion over Mark Grove for the Mini Stock championship. When Grove was unable to make the last race, Dehart was locked in. Dehart did not settle for that, taking the lead from Jason Stoner on lap seven and holding back Ronnie Garlock in the closing laps to score the win. Stoner finished third, ahead of Bill Kennedy and Lyle Barnes. Dehart also won the heat race.

Justin Williamson completed one of the most dominant seasons at Path Valley Speedway. Williamson led from start-to-finish to claim his fifteenth win of the season and he won the championship for the second straight year. Charlie Stallman finished second, followed by Eric Boozel, Robert Wellman, and Glenn Wilson. The heat race win went to Stallman.

Path Valley results 10/4

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1.Dalton McQuade (McConnellsburg, PA), 2.Tony Hampton, 3.Robert McQuade, 4.Kyle Martin, 5.Corey Wagner, 6.Shaun Tiedt, 7.Shaun Linn, 8.Chip Lawrence
Lap Leaders: Shaun Linn (1-2), Dalton McQuade (3-20)
Heat: Tony Hampton

Super Stock: 1.Devin Hart (Port Royal, PA), 2.Curtis Guyer, 3.Brad McGinnis, 4.Mike Goodwin, 5.Alan Shives, 6.Curt Dunn, 7.Brad Karns, 8.Steve Bard, 9.Ryan Norris, 10.Derek Grabill, 11.Joey Burdge, 12.Nathan Romig, 13.Carl Miller, 14.Austin Johnson, 15.Dan Furman, 16.Jason Kipp
Lap Leaders: Steve Bard (1-2), Devin Hart (3-20)
Heats: Brad Karns, Curtis Guyer

Late Model: 1.Wes Bonebrake (Hagerstown, MD), 2.Todd Snook, 3.George Dixon, 4.Brad Kling, 5.Travis Mease, 6.Devin Frey, 7.Tim Snare, 8.Patrick Bryner, 9.Jake Moser, 10.John Moser, 11.Steve Bailor, 12.Garrett Gray, 13.Jason Peachey, 14.Bob Dunn, 15.Transtan Stoner, 16.Dave Dunkle, 17. Brad Long
Lap Leaders: Brad Kling (1-17), Todd Snook (18-22), Wes Bonebrake (23-25)
Heats: Dave Dunkle, George Dixon, Wes Bonebrake

Street Stock: 1.Greg Moore (Defiance, PA), 2.Emory Covert, 3.Joe Gustaf, 4.Calvin Redding, 5.Ken Singer
Lap Leaders: Joe Gustaf (1), Ken Singer (2-7), Greg Moore (8-20)
Heat: Joe Gustaf

Mini Stock: 1.Gary Dehart (Waynesboro, PA), 2.Ronnie Garlock, 3.Jason Stoner, 4.Bill Kennedy, 5.Lyle Barnes, 6.Shaun Patterson, 7.Tim Burkholder, 8.Korey Washinger, 9.Joe Walker DNS: Jeff Koser
Lap Leaders: Jason Stoner (1-6), Gary Dehart (7-20)
Heat: Gary Dehart

Strictly Stock: 1.Justin Williamson (Orbisonia, PA), 2.Charles Stallman, 3.Eric Boozel, 4.Robert Wellman, 5.Glenn Wilson, 6.Scott Rohr
Lap Leaders: Justin Williamson (1-20)
Heat: Charles Stallman

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