Path Valley results 10/5

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Path Valley results 10/5

Post by racinrob » Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:51 pm

Path Valley closes season with Stock Car Showdown

Path Valley Speedway concluded the 2013 schedule with the annual Stock Car Showdown. The five divisions of stock cars that normally ran Friday nights competed in a non-points event.

The 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature was the first to the track. Nick Ruhl and Justin Rasp started on the front row and Rasp gained the lead on the start. While Rasp and Ruhl pulled away Jeremy Ott was charging to the front after starting eighth. Ott closed the gap on the leaders and made his way past Ruhl on lap sixteen. On lap twenty Ott pulled to the inside of Rasp as they went down the backstretch, but the only caution waved when Corey Wagner spun out in turn four. During the caution Ruhl pitted with a flat tire. On the restart Rasp stayed low in turn one and Ott used the high groove to drive around Rasp and make the winning pass. At the finish it was Ott, Rasp, Barry Hawbaker, Tony Hampton, and Chas Clouser. Ott won the Hard Charger award and Ruhl won the heat race.

Josh Gustaf set the pace from the start of the Street Stock feature. Greg Moore used an inside move exiting turn four to take away the lead on lap seven. Moore was never challenged after that, leading the last fourteen laps to win the Showdown for the second straight year. Gustaf finished second, ahead of Ryan Sager, Brad Karns, and Calvin Redding. Moore won the Hard Charger award and Sager won the heat race.

Gage Whitsel started second in the Mini Stock feature and out-powered pole-sitter Korey Washinger for the early lead. Gary Dehart took second on lap two and passed Whitsel for the lead on lap four. Whitsel did not give up, and regained the lead on lap seven. Chris Anderson spun for the second time on lap eight and Dehart retired to the pits while the field was still under caution. That put Jeremy Ott into second and Ott immediately went to work on the leader. The next ten laps Ott tried for the lead in nearly every turn, only to have Whitsel hold his ground. On lap seventeen Ott made contact with the left rear of Whitsel, turning him sideways. Ott tried to slide by on the inside, but clipped Whitsel’s front end, momentarily straightening him out. The two leaders stayed hooked down the backstretch and Ott ended up spinning at the end of the backstretch. The officials called that Ott had initiated the incident and was put to the rear of the field. Leroy Long took over second after the restart and kept Whitsel within a few car lengths. Ott put on a furious charge, making his way back to third and was reeling in the leaders. Just as Ott caught up to Long he suffered a mechanical failure and pulled to the infield on lap 28. Whitsel held off Long for the win, his second in just his first year racing Mini Stocks. Long’s second place finish earned him the Hard Charger award. Third thru fifth went to Washinger, Dan Smith, and Bill Kennedy. Heat race wins went to Kennedy and Long.

Bill Powell started first in the Super Stock feature and led all twenty laps to score the victory. Only one caution slowed the event on lap five. At the checkered flag Powell was leading by a full straightaway. Derek Grabill came home second, while Brad McGinnis earned the Hard Charger award with his third place finish. Dan Furman finished fourth and Curtis Guyer came from the back after spinning out earlier to finish fifth. Guyer and Furman were the heat race winners.

The Strictly Stock feature was again dominated by Justin Williamson. Williamson took the lead from Charles Stallman on lap six and was leading the non-stop event by nearly half of a lap at the finish. The win gave Williamson sixteen for the 2013 season at Path Valley. Gary Guise passed Robert Wellman on the final lap to finish second in his only race this year. Jarred Rudy finished fourth and won the Hard Charger while Scott Rohr finished fifth. The heat win went to Stallman.

Path Valley results 10/5

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1.Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg, PA), 2.Justin Rasp, 3.Barry Hawbaker, 4.Tony Hampton, 5.Chas Clouser, 6.Shaun Linn, 7.Corey Wagner, 8.Nick Ruhl DNS: Tyler Kirby
Lap Leaders: Justin Rasp (1-19), Jeremy Ott (20)
Hard Charger: Jeremy Ott (8th to 1st)
Heat: Nick Ruhl

Street Stock: 1.Greg Moore (Defiance, PA), 2.Josh Gustaf, 3.Ryan Sager, 4.Brad Karns, 5.Calvin Redding, 6.Mike Duvall
Lap Leaders: Josh Gustaf (1-6), Greg Moore (7-20)
Hard Charger: Greg Moore (3rd to 1st)
Heat: Ryan Sager

Mini Stock: 1.Gage Whitsel (Orbisonia, PA), 2.Leroy Long, 3.Korey Washinger, 4.Dan Smith, 5.Bill Kennedy, 6.Ed Kirby, 7.Jeremy Ott, 8.Melvin Bigler, 9.Chris Anderson, 10.Shaun Patterson, 11.Gary Dehart, 12.Jason Stoner DNS: Ronnie Garlock
Lap Leaders: Gage Whitsel (1-3, 7-30), Gary Dehart (4-6)
Hard Charger: Leroy Long (7th to 2nd)
Heats: Bill Kennedy, Leroy Long

Super Stock: 1.Bill Powell (Millerstown, PA), 2.Derek Grabill, 3.Brad McGinnis, 4.Dan Furman, 5.Curtis Guyer, 6.Craig Imes, 7.Ryan Norris, 8.Curt Dunn, 9.Dave Swab, 10.Tony Daniels, 11.Joey Burdge
Lap Leaders: Bill Powell (1-20)
Hard Charger: Brad McGinnis (10th to 3rd)
Heats: Curtis Guyer, Dan Furman

Strictly Stock: 1.Justin Williamson (Orbisonia, PA), 2.Gary Guise, 3.Robert Wellman, 4.Jarred Rudy, 5.Scott Rohr, 6.Kaili Hockensmith, 7.Charles Stallman
Lap Leaders: Charles Stallman (1-5), Justin Williamson (6-20)
Hard Charger: Jarred Rudy (6th to 4th)
Heat: Charles Stallman

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