Path Valley results 4/12 (fendered car)

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Path Valley results 4/12 (fendered car)

Post by racinrob » Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:24 pm

Only three Street Stock competitors signed in. Aaron Jessee dropped out on lap three and Ken Singer pulled off while leading on lap seven, leaving Brad Karns the only driver to finish, scoring his first ever win.

The Mini Stock feature only had four drivers start, but the action was non-stop from start-to-finish. Dillon Wilson started first and set the early pace. Meanwhile, just behind Wilson the fight for second was a back-and-forth affair between Chris Anderson and Mark Grove. Anderson finally cleared Grove long enough to work on Wilson, making the pass for the lead on lap ten. Grove to second a lap later and continued to pressure Anderson. Anderson made no mistakes the final ten laps and led Grove by two car lengths at the finish. Eric Seibert finished third and Wilson was scored in fourth. Anderson also won the heat race.

Jeremy Moore has found a winning recipe, start on the front row, get the lead into turn one, and then make no mistakes while the other guys beat each other up trying to catch him. Moore won his second 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature this year using that formula. While Moore was leading all twenty laps, Brandon Seibert, Charles Stallman, and Tony Hampton played "fender tag" as they swapped positions two-thru-four with each other. Stallman finally seized control of second and closed in on Moore, but ran out of laps before he could find a way around. Kyle Martin got past Hampton with a lap to go to finish third as Hampton slowed with mechanical woes and limped home fourth. Seibert rounded out the top five and Martin won the heat race.

Bill Diehl led the full 24-car field of Legend racers to the start and out-powered Chris Transeau for the lead into turn one. While Diehl was leading, Lucas Montgomery was moving up from starting fourth, taking second on lap twelve. A restart on lap fifteen brought the field back together one last time. Montgomery had no chance to attack Diehl, as he was busy defending second from Bob Stough, which he was able to do. At the finish it was Diehl in the lead, followed by Montgomery, Stough, Scott Houdenshell, and Chad Earnst. Earnst was one of the big movers of the night, starting sixteenth and finishing fifth. Heat race wins went to Stough, Chris Spidle, and Montgomery. George Hanson won the consi.

The old saying goes, "you don't win a race on the first lap". Well, sometimes you do. Brad McGinnis started second, but drove around pole-sitter Austin Johnson in the first turns of the Super Stock feature to secure the lead. McGinnis held of Johnson the rest of the way to secure the win. Joey Burdge finished third, ahead of Scott Saylor and Shawn Fessler. Johnson was the heat race winner.

Path Valley results for 4/12

Street Stock: 1.Brad Karns (Saxton, PA), 2.Ken Singer, 3.Aaron Jessee
Lap Leaders: Ken Singer (1-6), Brad Karns (7-13)
Heat: Ken Singer

Mini Stock: 2.Chris Anderson (Rockhill, PA), 2.Mark Grove, 3.Eric Seibert, 4.Dillon Wilson DNS: David Bookwalter
Lap Leaders: Dillon Wilson (1-9), Chris Anderson (10-20)
Heat: Chris Anderson

4-Cyl. Thunder Car: 1.Jeremy Moore (Rockhill, PA), 2.Charles Stallman, 3.Kyle Martin, 4.Tony Hampton, 5.Brandon Seibert, 6.Randy Stull DNS: Justin Williamson
Lap Leaders: Jeremy Moore (1-20)
Heat: Kyle Martin

Legend: 1.Bill Diehl (Craley, PA), 2.Lucas Montgomery, 3.Bob Stoudt, 4.Scott Houdeshell, 5.Chad Earnst, 6.Rick Miller, 7.Jacob Feltch, 8.C.J. Quirk, 9.Keith Haring, 10.Travis McClelland, 11.Chris McKinney, 12.Chris Spidle, 13.Bill Foster, 14.Ed Trump, 15.Scott Spidle, 16.Chris Transeau, 17.Travis Perry, 18.Dave Miller, 19.David Miller, 20.Greg Burd, 21.Joe Ehrisman, 22.Mason Chaney, 23.Mike Gable, 24.George Hanson DNQ: Chris Ward, Leonard Supchak, John Hall
Lap Leaders: Bill Diehl (1-20)
Heats: Bob Stoudt, Chris Spidle, Lucas Montgomery
Consolation: George Hanson

Super Stock: 1.Brad McGinnis (Huntingdon, PA), 2.Austin Johnson, 3.Joey Burdge, 4.Scott Saylor, 5.Shawn Fessler DNS: Curtis Guyer
Lap Leaders: Brad McGinnis (1-20)
Heat: Austin Johnson

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Re: Path Valley results 4/12 (fendered car)

Post by greenflag » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:16 am

Wow, thank goodness for the Legend Cars. Other than that class, what a shame. Those car counts are horrible in my opinion.

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