Path Valley results 4/18

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Path Valley results 4/18

Post by racinrob » Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:11 pm

Defending Late Model point champion Wes Bonebrake is now two-for-two, winning the first two features for Late Models at Path Valley in 2014. Although the track conditions were radically different, the result was still the same.

Bonebrake started on the front row of the Late Model feature and was able to scoot into the lead going into the first corner. Todd Snook ran in second until slowing with mechanical issues just past halfway. After Snook pulled off Bob Dunn took over second with Dave Dunkle close behind. Both Dunn and Dunkle closed in on the leader over the final ten laps. With three to go Dunkle had an issue in turn four, costing him five car lengths back and leaving him to hold off Brad Kling for third. Dunn was able to get within two car lengths, but not much closer and Bonebrake scored the flag-to-flag victory. Dunkle held off Kling for third and Snook was credited for fifth. Heat race checkers went to Dunn and Dunkle.

The Super Stock feature was an exciting affair with the top three running virtually bumper-to-bumper the final ten laps. Brad McGinnis set the early pace with Curtis Guyer, Austin Johnson, Deron Henry, and Bill Powell close behind. McGinnis was leading the way when they caught up to the back of the field, who was having their own three-way battle. McGinnis went to the bottom, but got blocked while Austin Johnson went to the high groove which opened up and he was able to drive by and into the lead. The yellow flag waved just after Johnson took the lead, setting up the last ten laps with Johnson leading, McGinnis in second, and Bill Powell third. Over the final ten laps Powell pulled to the inside of McGinnis and McGinnis to the inside of Johnson, but neither were able to complete the pass. All three drivers showed respect for each other as they raced each other hard, but clean, with very little contact. At the finish it was Johnson, McGinnis, Powell, Guyer, and Curt Dunn. McGinnis won the heat race.

Frankie Gordon also is two-for-two in Friday night action at Path Valley in the Mini Stocks. Gordon won his heat race and then led all twenty-laps of the feature to stay undefeated at Path Valley in 2014. Mark Grove was five car lengths behind at the finish to come home second. Third, fourth, and fifth went to Dillon Wilson, Shaun Linn, and Shaine Sixeas respectively.

Justin Rasp took the lead on lap one of the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature and showed the way until Justin Williamson used the high groove to drive around Rasp and into the lead on lap ten. Williamson appeared on his way to the win until his right rear tire started losing air with five laps remaining. Rasp quickly closed the distance and regained the lead on lap eighteen. Rasp led the last three laps uncontested to win his first race this year. Tony Hampton, Kyle Martin, and Charles Stallman all passed Williamson in the closing laps to finish second, third, and fourth, dropping Williamson to fifth. Stallman was the heat race winner.

Path Valley results 4/18

Super Stock: 1.Austin Johnson (Spring Run, PA), 2.Brad McGinnis, 3.Bill Powell, 4.Curtis Guyer, 5.Curt Dunn, 6.Troy Eckenrode, 7.Deron Henry, 8.Joey Burdge, 9.Andy Hockenberry
Lap Leaders: Brad McGinnis (1-10), Austin Johnson (11-20)
Heat: Brad McGinnis

Mini Stock: 1.Frankie Gordon (Fannettsburg, PA), 2.Mark Grove, 3.Dillon Wilson, 4.Shaun Linn, 5.Shaine Sixeas, 6.Chris Anderson, 7.Kenny Black, 8.Jeremy Ott, 9.Charles Shearer DNS: Josh Group
Lap Leaders: Frankie Gordon (1-20)
Heat: Frankie Gordon

Late Model: 1.Wes Bonebrake (Hagerstown, MD), 2.Bob Dunn, 3.Dave Dunkle, 4.Brad Kling, 5.Todd Snook, 6.Steve Bailor, 7.Andy Fries, 8.Garrett Gray
Lap Leaders: Wes Bonebrake (1-25)
Heats: Bob Dunn, Dave Dunkle

4-Cyl. Thunder Car: 1.Justin Rasp (McConnellsburg, PA), 2.Tony Hampton, 3.Kyle Martin, 4.Charles Stallman, 5.Justin Williamson, 6.Josh Group DNS: Tyler White
Lap Leaders: Justin Rasp (1-9, 18-20), Justin Williamson (10-17)
Heat: Charles Stallman

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