Racing for Heroes Raceway (Clinton County)results

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Racing for Heroes Raceway (Clinton County)results

Post by Slash » Tue May 27, 2014 6:53 pm

Super Late Models
27 Jim Yoder
5W Waylon Wagner
15 Luke Hoffner
22 Randel Paxton
9N Nick Lofferdo
7 Tim Krape
45 Eric Hons
49B Dan Boyd
50R Cody Robbins
18 Len Stroud
55 Denny Fenton
71 Billy Eash
4 Tom Vilello

Limited Lates
55 Denny Fenton
11T JR Toner
25 Dylan Fenton
3 Timmy Luben
5 Jeremy Ohl

Pro Stock
20J Joe Lusk
20 John Myers
94 Brad Myers
55B Butch Braim
471 Dustin Michuck
6 Noah Jensen
16 Tom Dawson
83 Matt Wilson
28 Ay Shilling

11K Mark Griffin
15G Bod G
30 Ken Buck
77X Tom Krape
3D Devlin Myers
01 Nate Miller
18 Even Palski
1 Ray Hyer
15M Ray McClure
F7 Josh Fetters
9CAT Tony Harris
76 Brad Smith
89 Rodney Morgan
03 Ethan Miller

600 Micro
11 Shane Penney
14T Tyler Walton
1X Nick Wood
90 Sierra Weaver
92 Shawn Lawton
5W John Walp
7X Zack Bruce
70 Adam Nichelson
880 Kameron Morrel
22ty Jeff Weaver

270 Micros
5 Denny Rinehimer
38 Lance Spotts
8C Cody Hauck
21G Glenn Houtz
X Derek Johnson
14 Gary Keister
11X Bob Garvy
462 Zeke Brungard
78 Dakota Schweikert
264 Rick Brungard
5W Steven Welch
21 Keith Crossley
74 John Roberts
55 Dan Ishler
52 Dan Workman
17B Troy White
10 Mason Peters
83 Justin Jordan
48 Matt Hewdixion

4 Cyl
88M Matt Leonard
07 Matt Krape
2K Kevin Wolfe
4J Joey Young
21K Kyle Workman
29A Andy Miller
88T Tom Leonard
04 Michael Helper
4 Justin Beachel
44 Larry Beachel
7M John Willits
5W Kolton Wagner

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Re: Racing for Heroes Raceway (Clinton County)results

Post by Pitside » Fri May 30, 2014 9:36 pm

Nice to see a decent turn out in most of the divisions :cheers2:

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Re: Racing for Heroes Raceway (Clinton County)results

Post by hotrodney » Sat May 31, 2014 9:52 am

No PST this year, bummer. I enjoyed that show last year. No 360 or 410 sprint shows of any kind. Good to have SLM's on the card every week though. I might have to go up on a night when they have 305's and SLM's on the schedule.
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Re: Racing for Heroes Raceway (Clinton County)results

Post by phightin'phils » Sat May 31, 2014 10:33 am

The Patriot tour is supposed to be there June 13th then Selinsgrove the 14th. I see it's not on their schedule but it is on the patriot schedule :dontknow:

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