Path Valley 7/4

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Path Valley 7/4

Post by racinrob » Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:52 am

Fries wins at Path Valley

The second half of the racing season unofficially got under way with beautiful weather for the action on our nation's birthday, the Fourth of July.

The 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature was the first of the night and it didn't take long for the "fireworks" to happen. Charlie Stallman was sent to the rear twice for rough driving, the second time with only five laps remaining. Tony Hampton inherited the lead after the second incident and led the final five laps for the win. Hampton was followed by Kyle Martin, John Rasp, and Stallman. Stallman was then disqualified when they found his right front brake was disconnected.

Shaine Sixeas took the lead of the Mini Stock feature from Justin Williamson on lap three. Sixeas was leading by nearly a straightaway on lap eighteen when he caught up to Williamson at the back of field. Williamson stayed low and when Sixeas tried to go around him he turned right and drove Sixeas into the outside wall as they exited turn two. Williamson was immediately black flagged and is now banned from Path Valley Speedway. Sixeas was not injured, but his car was badly damaged. Williamson's brother, Chris Anderson inherited the top spot and led the last two laps to score the win. Second thru fifth went to Barry Welch, Mark Grove, Kurt Knepper, and Josh Group. Group and Anderson won their heat races.

The Late Model feature had Wes Bonebrake starting first and he led the first eight laps. While most of the fourteen car field was fighting for position in the low groove, Andy Fries found the traction he needed in the high line and drove around Bonebrake and into the lead on lap nine. Fries biggest hurdle after that came when he was trying to put a lap on Ernie Millon. Millon got loose exiting turn four and made contact with Fries before spinning around. Fries was not challenged after that, leading Bonebrake by five car lengths at the finish. The battle for third was hotly contested with four drivers in the mix. Steve Bailor held off the challenges of Dave Dunkle to earn the spot with Brad Kling and Bob Dunn right behind them. Heat race victories went to Dunn and Fries.

Shawn Shoemaker will never forget the Fourth of July in 2014. That is the night that he scored his first career feature win. Shoemaker led all twenty laps, but the majority of those were only by a car length or less. Bill Powell was working hard to get by Shoemaker using the low line, pulling alongside almost every turn. Shoemaker had enough power and traction to pull back out in front on the straightaway. When the checkered flag waved Shoemaker led Powell by one car length followed by Carl Snare, Austin Johnson, and Troy Eckenrode.

Path Valley results 7.4.14

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1.Tony Hampton (Amberson, PA), 2.Kyle Martin, 3.John Rasp DQ: Charlie Stallman
Lap Leaders: Kyle Martin (1), Tony Hampton (2-8, 16-20), Charlie Stallman (9-15)
Heat: Charlie Stallman

Mini Stock: 1.Chris Anderson (Rockhill, PA), 2.Barry Welch, 3.Mark Grove, 4.Kurt Knepper, 5.Josh Group, 6.Bill Wentz, 7.Shaine Sixeas, 8.Justin Bucher, 9.Steve Yeager, 10.Kenny Black DNS: Gage Whitsel DQ: Justin Williamson
Lap Leaders: Justin Williamson (1-2), Shaine Sixeas (3-18), Chris Anderson (19-20)
Heats: Josh Group, Chris Anderson

Late Model: 1.Andy Fries (Mercersburg, PA), 2.Wes Bonebrake, 3.Steve Bailor, 4.Dave Dunkle, 5.Brad Kling, 6.Bob Dunn, 7.Steve Billet, 8.Jake Moser, 9.Jennae Piper, 10.Brian Lessley, 11.Brad Long, 12.Ernie Millon, 13.Jacob Brudette, 14.John Moser
Lap Leaders: Wes Bonebrake (1-8), Andy Fries (9-25)
Heats: Bob Dunn, Andy Fries

Super Stock: 1.Shawn Shoemaker (Mt. Union, PA), 2.Bill Powell, 3.Carl Snare, 4.Austin Johnson, 5.Troy Eckenrode, 6.Curt Dunn, 7.Shyann Bard, 8.Brad Feight DNS: Brad McGinnis
Lap Leaders: Shawn Shoemaker (1-20)
Heat: Bill Powell

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