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Re: Making a small fortune

Post by Warthog » Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:56 pm

kent wrote: And after all, why does the weight rule include the driver? I have firmly thought all along since day one.. wouldn't logically a lighter weight car with a heavier driver.. be faster?? :silenced:
I would expect just the opposite - with a lighter driver, one can play more with the weight distribution of the car, and put the extra weight where it will do the most good. With a "extra value size" driver, there's more of the weight that will be in one place, with no way to shift it around to tune the handling.

Or at least that would be my guess.
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Re: Making a small fortune

Post by Straight Shooter » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:30 pm

Racing at the local level has evolved from a hobby sport to a financial nightmare on most levels. There were very few back in the day that actually made money from racing. That would have been guys like Bobby Allen, Steve Smith, Van & a couple of others only because they did everything themselves. Made their parts, chassis, wings, built their own motors, even machined most of their own engine stuff. They got the most out of what they had with very little money to back em.
Now a days you might as well just figure once the tires hit the track you will have spent about $2500.00 for the evening if you are a top notch car. Hopefully it is put back in the box in 1 piece or you will have spent the whole monthes budget & some!!
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