Bowman Gray Stadium Myers versus Brown

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Bowman Gray Stadium Myers versus Brown

Post by RT88 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:19 am

This is the video of the first of the twin 50s at Bowman Gray Stadium. It rained earlier keeping the crowd down to about 10,000. The rain also washed away the rubber making the track very tricky.

Tim Brown and Burt Myers are fighting for the point title. That title will be decided this Saturday night.

In this race Jason Myers is leading with the 4 while Tim Brown moves into second with the blue 83 car. Burt Myers takes over third. So it is Brown in a Myers sandwich. At the eight minute mark the race really heats up as Joseph Brown takes over fourth. So now it is Myers - Brown - Myers - Brown. On a restart Burt Myers breaks loose and Joseph Brown tags him. They go into turn one Burt Myers punts Joseph Brown into a spin creating a pile up.

Under the caution Joseph Brown goes looking for revenge, not one but twice. Brown then pits his car. The race restarts and Tim Brown goes for the lead. Tim Brown and Jason Myers race side by side for several laps. Meanwhile Joseph Brown returns to the race and is driving very slowly around the track. The leaders, still side by side catch Joseph Brown and then the Madhouse begins. Watch and enjoy!

It is hard to beat a night at the Madhouse. By the way, when they were lining up for the second feature the rain began and they had to cancel the second race.

To show that asphalt and rain don't mix watch: ... re=related

They drop the green on the Legends car race. On lap two a hard storm hits and almost the entire field hits the first and second turn fencing.

Steve Bubb

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