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Re: Number of races made in 2011

Post by RacerRose » Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:12 pm

Mine is listed on my signature. Very low count for me by my standards, especially when it came to Central PA sprint car racing. So, I chose to stay closer to home this year. It's also pretty much all I could afford. I did see some good racing though, and did manage to keep my Maple Grove streak intact attending at least one day of the event every year since the 1st in 1985. My Port Royal trip was my 1st since Labor Day 1982.
2015 Race Counter
Hagerstown - 18
Winchester - 5
Williams Grove - 9
Lincoln - 3
Port Royal - 1
Susquehanna - 0
Path Valley - 1
Trail Way - 0
MIR - 1
Maple Grove - 1

39 races in 2015
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