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Results 1-12-13

Post by zipzap » Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:34 pm

Awareness Speedway Slot Car Club Results January 12, 2013

We would like to thank the racers from Scale Speed Raceway and Portsmouth Motor Speedway also our local regulars for supporting our clubs mission.

We are listening to our racers and tweaking our rules to make racing cheaper and the competition even closer than it all ready is.

We have our Mechanicsburg, Pa T.G.I. Fridays back as a sponsor and the door prizes will be awarded on 2/9/2013 and 3/23/2013 Races

Just remember to check the front tire size on the 1/24 LM = 1” min.

Things we will discuss on 1-19-2013 VW race, all caged cars must have hook, Body clips taped to chassis. This is to help move show along. BB modified as 5th class.

Please check out web site and mobile site for changes in the General rules and OTM, 1/24LM rules.

A great big thank you to our Award Sponsor.
DoTERRA by Cheriel


Here are the results.

1ST Carl Calhoun 192
2ND Ed Crowl 190
3RD Rodney Breeden 190
4th Joe Shifflet 186
5th Jerry Breeden 184
6th Bob Rodgers 184
7th Jason Ebersole 183
8th Bob Sier 182
9th Donnie Teal 173

Old Timers
1ST Carl Calhoun 234
2ND ED Crowl 231
3RD Bob Rodgers 226
4TH Rodney Breeden 221
5th Joe Shifflet 218
6th Jason Ebersole 216
7th Donnie Teal 209
8th Jerry Breeden 206
9th Bob Sier 194


Dirt Modified[/u]
1ST Carl Calhoun 237
2ND ED Crowl 229
3RD Joe Shifflet 226
4TH Jason Ebersole 224
5th Rodney Breeden 220
6th Bob Rodgers 218
7th Donnie Teal 210
8th Jerry Breeden 209
9th Bob Sier 186


Sprint Cars Reg
1ST Carl Calhoun 191
2ND Joe Shifflet 191
3RD Jason Ebersole 190
4TH Donnie Teal 187
5th Rodney Breeden 185
6th Ed Crowl 178
7th Jerry Breeden 169
8th Bob Rodgers 119


1/32 Legends
1ST Carl Calhoun 156
2ND Bob Rodgers 152
3rd Ed Crowl 150
4th Donnie Teal 149
5th Jason Ebersole 143
6th Joe Shifflet 142
7th Rodney Breeden 134
8th Jerry Breeden 133


Make up Sprint
1st Joe Shifflet 195
2nd Carl Calhoun 194
3rd Jason Ebersole 187
4th Donnie Teal 185
5th Ed Crowl 184
6th Rodney Breeden 181
7th Bob Rodgers 175
8th Jerry Breeden dnf


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