5th Annual Race For A Cause @ Greenwood Raceway

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5th Annual Race For A Cause @ Greenwood Raceway

Post by tec creations » Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:04 am

For those unaware this race was started 5 yrs ago as a way to give back to the community by raising money for Sick kids and there families to help off set the burden of medical expenses, in the previous 4 yrs with your support we have raised over $40,000 in funds that went Directly to these families.

http://www.greenwoodraceway.com will get you to our Web-Site and you can see last yrs two Kids with there checks of $8350 each, This year were doing three Kids our goal is $24,000, however there will be more than just the race this year, two weeks after the race there will be an Auction, Followed by Presentation meal and BINGO. It's real simple there are COST involved with the activities and EVERYTHING raised above that goes to the Families, Not a racer No problem there's many ways to get involved, Lap sponsor, donate items to auction, Tickets to the Meal, play Bingo, come watch the race purchase a pit pass, or just come Eat at the concession stand we have a FREE spectator area, of course if your a racer our track is a GREAT place to race, so spread the word get involved and come join us.

This year the 3 kids are, 15 month old Avielle Zerance with liver disease ,Perry Co, 14 yr old Destiny Devlin third round with cancer, southern Huntingtin Co, 15 yr old Wade Stains Cancer, also southern Huntington Co, you can find there stories on there Facebook Accounts.

Race Sat 9/13 Practice 9 am, Hot Laps 10:30 am ( rain date 9/20 or 9/21 if needed )

Classes ( BURRIS Tires Only )

Pro F/H 375 lb Invitational, ( see list below ) $2014 to Win the "A" bracket, $500 to win the "B" bracket, we will Time Trial all entries top 16 transfer to the "A" However will Re-Time trial NASCAR Style for starting position, remainder to the "B" and Consey's top 3 from the "B", will transfer and 1 final last chance qualifier. 20 will start the "A" and 16 will start the "B", if we get over 60 entries I will do a "C" race at $200 to Win.

Pro Clone 380 lb, $65 entry, $ 514 to Win ( Big pipe, open clutch )

Pro Clone 350lb, $85 entry, $ 2014 purse, $850 to Win 2) 425 3) 300 4) 150 5) 100 6) 75 7) 75 8) 75 9) 64, ( 4th thru 9th based on 20 entries. ) ( Big Pipe, Open Clutch ) ( first timers or lacking seat time this race is not for you )

Sr Mixed Class, $25 entry, 100% payout, F/H un-restricted 350lb, Animal ( gold Plate ) 340lb,
Clone small pipe mini muffler, open clutch , 365lb.

Animal X-Heavy $25 entry, 100% payout, 420 lb ( driver 200 lb )

Clone X-Heavy $25 entry, 100 % payout, 420 lb ( driver 200 lb ) Big Pipe, Open clutch

Sr Champ 420 lb, $25 entry, 100% payout

Sr Fun Class, BSP clone, $15 entry 100% payout, small pipe, mini muffler, 2010 or older chassis, used 11's only, ( this class will run Heat early first practice, and feature first out for second practice. Clone drivers with limited seat time this is the class for you, No pro entries can enter this class.

Animal 360lb, ss 33 A only, $25 entry, 100% payout, ( this class will run Heat early first round practice and feature second round practice before track goes to 55's so you can actually race )

Pro Jr Rest Animal ( gold ) $60 entry, $500 to win, 320lb

Pro Rookie II Blue Champ $30 entry, $250 to win, 310 lb, Pro purple plates can enter this race.

Pro Rookie Clones Blue $ 25 entry, $250 to win, 290lb, ages 9 to 14 ( Big pipe, Open clutch )

Kids Karts ( FREE entry )
Purple flat karts ( FREE entry ) F/H 250 lb, Clone small pipe, open clutch 265 lb, Animal 275 lb.
Purple Caged / Champs ( FREE Entry ) ( same weights and motor combo's as above for Flat Karts )

Rookie II Blue Caged / Champs ( FREE Entry ) Champs 285 lb, Caged 310 lb, F/h, Animal, or
Clone purple plate, Big pipe, open clutch,

Your class not listed No problem contact me bring a small group we would love to have ya.

There will be a wheelbarrow race as well $20 entry per team, $100 to Win, rider must weight atleast 100 lb and wear Helmet, neck collar, and Gloves.

No Auction at the track this year So no Delay, this race will Run pretty much as an Elite series event with a lot of Elite series personnel.

RESERVED Parking will be $20 ( all proceeds go to families ) post if you need PARKING even if I already have ya down please still post here for Parking.

If you've never raced this event or our Track you need to attend Great racing great event,
Come Join Us !!

Need more info call Ken 717-712-3437

tec creations
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Re: 5th Annual Race For A Cause @ Greenwood Raceway

Post by tec creations » Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:21 am

Anyone who would like to donate items to the auction please pm me or email me at tattoo737@hotmail.com

check out Race For A Cause on Facebook

Thank you
Troy Campbell

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