Boz Money Race Tonight And Live Broadcast

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Boz Money Race Tonight And Live Broadcast

Post by bigzie888 » Wed May 25, 2011 8:21 am

All the guys (and gals) that enjoy running the BOZ 410 wing sprints
are invited to race next Wednesday, May 25, in the Memorial Day
Triple-Twenty race set to be run at Las Vegas. Plus, the race is set
to be broadcast so racers can have friends and family watch the event
on the internet without having Rfactor on their computer.

Details are not 100% set but are far enough along to have the
important stuff released. Experienced league racers know the drill so
most of this info is for the newer racers among us.

This race costs NOTHING for the competitors to enter. There will be
cash winnings awarded for the Top 10 in the final race of the event.
The purse (nearly $250) was gathered through donations from a handful
of Sim racers and those that help keep the simworld going. No hidden
agendas. Donations still accepted-lol!

The racers will be asked to REGISTER for the event AHEAD OF TIME.
Please don't wait until 10 minutes before the Driver's meeting. A web
site is being setup for the registration process. I will post the web
site for registration when it is ready (almost there). Racers MUST use
their real name and MAIL TO address to register. The actual addresses
are needed in case the racer wins money. The winnings will be sent via
USPostal Service---mail. The location (city, state, not physical
address) may be used in the broadcast to show the world-wide scope of
Sim Racing. Example: James Spear, from the suburbs of Bugtussle,
Kentucky. lol

Once the registration site is up, PLEASE get that out of the way. Most
of the EXPERIENCED racers are very familar with guys showing up at the
last second and asking for the show to wait a minute for them.

The race venue will be the BOZ Vegas tracks (tacky and slick). Most
racers already have these but if you don't already, go to--- and download the
Bullring at Vegas tracks. It has the Budweiser #9 car on the splash

If you are kind of new to the BOZ cars and tracks, you will also need
to download the RFM that will be used. This is the same RFM that
several leagues have run over the past few months. All it affects are
the caution flags---

Several new skins are expected to debuted at this event and we ask you
download them well before race time as it could take several minutes
to get them all. If you don't do this you may (probably) get a
mismatch. The link to the new skins will be added as soon as Juston
Rosenow posts in this thread with that info.

Days or hours ahead of time, racers, especially new ones, are asked to
jump into the OHM server just to make sure they don't get any
mismatches. Try to do this with others there as sometimes you won't
get a mismatch by yourself. The race servers should be up tonight or

The event is set to start at 10 pm (ALL times listed are Eastern US
time) on Wednesday, May 25, HOWEVER racers are expected in TeamSpeak
at 9:45 pm. You must be on TeamSpeak. We will be using the Open Header
Motorsports TeamSpeak channel. PLEASE, no profanity or such. I am
guilty of this and I well know the emotions that escape during racing
but there are some racers that don't use headsets and all things we
hear over those headsets can be heard out loud for those that listen
to TeamSpeak on their computer's speakers. No calling out other
racers. You might get booted.

You can find the OHM TS at port 9987. Please use your
actual name (no tags) on race night. I would strongly advise those
racers that have not used the OHM TeamSpeak to try that connection
ahead of time to make sure it works for them, then Bookmark the site
for easy connection on Wednesday.

We are going to try to move the event as quickly as we can and hope to
have it done in about two hours. However, all experienced League
racers know that is rarely the case, for many reasons. If you have an
Rfactor or computer problem once the event starts, if you can get back
in the server and TS before you are scheduled to race, OK. However,
the race event probably will not wait for you. Been there-Done that.
There may be time to wait but most likely not.

All you new racers. My advice is to make sure you have the Tacky and
Slick versions of Vegas well ahead of time and put in a bunch of
practice laps, online and offline. You need at least 400 laps on each
version to start to be competitive. At about four laps per minute,
that is asking about an hour and half practice per version. I have
many, many, many thousands of laps on each and these are the times you
need to work toward to be in the ballpark: I expect the Tacky
qualifying fast times to be in the very high 13.9s to low 14.0s. Most
racers will qualify in the 14-teens through 14.30s. There is your
qualifying target ranges.

Since the actual races will be on the slick version (no modified
tdfs), the fast (non-wall riding or wall-bumping) times should be in
the high 14.5s and low 14.6 area during practice sessions. MOST racers
will hit 14.7s and 14.8s toward the end of a fuel run (about 15 or so
laps). Don't be discouraged if you don't hit these times at first. You
new racers need laps under your belt.

Vegas has two definate lines, or grooves, on each version. High and
low. Both lines are within about a tenth of each other so there is not
a line that has a big advantage over the other. Whatever you feel
comfortable with should be your choice. If you can run 15-teens at the
start of your run and be in the high 14,8s by end of your run, you can
be competitive in a league race. Don't fret too much over very fast
times posted in practice sessions because even the fastest racers have
trouble posting those times in a race (unless they start out front).

New racers, please make sure you have your quick escape enabled before
race time. This lets you hit escape and be out of the way just by
hitting your escape button. It is found in your rFactor player file
(yourname.plr). Then under the Game options section in the Exit
Confirmation line. Set to "0" for quick escape. Then save. This has to
be done with rFactor off. Load it and check to see if working. This is

Everyone, NO WALL RIDING OR WALL BUMPING. We know how it is done and
what it is for. During qualifying, the best times will be video
reviewed. If you bump or touch the wall anytime during the run, that
lap or subsequent laps will be ignored so make absolutely sure your
first lap is "clean". During actual race events wall riding or wall
bumping will be frowned upon. We know things happen and sometimes
racers end up touching the wall. We know the difference. Don't be
setting up for the turns by cutting right and bouncing off the wall.

Current schedule of race events: Private Qualifying begins at 10 pm
followed by four heat races. Racers will probably be asked to stay out
of race server until called for their race. (Everyone can "spectate"
if they want to watch the race. If you don't know how to set your game
to "spectate", ask during driver's meeting.) Racers from each heat
race will be asked to stay in server until told to leave.

Top four racers from each heat make feature. If a "C" feature is
needed, it is next and will involve those that finished their heat
race in 8th or worse. Top three finishers from "C" advance to rear of
"B" feature making a 15 car field.

The "B" feature will consist of the 5th, 6th, and 7th place finishers
in their heats and the top 3 from the "C". Fifteen cars start, only
top four advance to "A" Triple-Twenty Features.

The first Triple-Twenty will lineup 20 cars PLUS FOUR PROMOTER'S
CHOICES for a field of 24 cars. The first Triple-Twenty is 20 laps
with the top 15 cars advancing to the second of the Triple-Twenty

The second-Triple Twenty will be lined up by the exact finish order of
the first Triple-Twenty. 15 cars will run 20 laps with only the top 10
cars advancing to the last of the Triple-Twenty features. This is the
Money Race.

The money race Triple-Twenty starts 10 cars. Every starter here will
get some cash winnings. All 10 racers will draw for starting position.
Then the final Triple-Twenty race.

The field of the final race is asked to stay in TeamSpeak for a couple
reasons. May be interviewed on the broadcast plus we will want to
verify your mail to addresses to send your money. If you leave before
we verify, you MAY not get your winnings. SO, hang around.

Race servers are up and Registration Page should be ready very soon

Those involved with this Memorial race are not so naive to think the
fast guys won't be the strong favorites to take the most money.
However, we believe we have a format to give the "regulars" (no
offense meant) a good chance to advance to the Money Race. We want
everyone to have fun.

I also want all you racers to give your loved ones a hug and say "I
love you". My involvement is in direct memory of my late father (US
Army 21 years) and recently deceased Mom.

You guys post questions and/or who you will be racing in memory of.

James Spear

I posted this here from the e-mail i recieved hope to see all of u there :cheers2:

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