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Brent Leach
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Re: 358 Speedweek

Post by Brent Leach » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:45 pm

racehead wrote:
Brent Leach wrote:
Shuey21 wrote:Some of the guys in the 358 COULD BE your so called "Big Boys". Pat Cannon, Blane Heimbach, Dave Calaman, Kevin Nouse etc...
But their not!
I'd say they are. Those 4 mentioned are quite impressive.
"You doubt they'd fill the stands with no big names"????????

If people could get the williamsgrove 410 regulars out of your heads for just a minute, there are Dozens of big name 358 drivers out there. Just take a look at Lincoln and Selinsgrove's 358 roster some time. I'm sure you have, but look again.

If you'd re-read the thread :naughty: , he was saying they COULD BE 410 "big boys" . I was just saying they aren't (now). I'm NOT taking anything away from their abilities at all . I happen to be a fan of a couple of the names mentioned. :thinking: :dontknow:
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Re: 358 Speedweek

Post by racehead » Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:18 am

Yea,,I know what you meant. But refering to those guys,,,358 or 410, it does'nt matter is what I'm saying. Blane and Kevin can run in the front of the 410 group, as Pat will this year as well, and so can Calaman if he would run a 410. My point is, the 358 drivers are not a support group , or a starter group for 410's anymore. They are headliners in my book.


Re: 358 Speedweek

Post by Greggbert » Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:22 am

A 358 speedweek would indeed be neat (if well sponsored) but with the addition of the Keystone week in 2007, it was tough enough for the average weekly race fan to keep up in terms of budget, much less the teams. I just don't see the majority of 358 teams being able to afford it and still run the kind of season they would like to. Of course I said that about the Micros and now that they have a valid and successful speedweek, I guess anything is possible.

Sponsorship would be very key though and in the economic downturn we are spiraling into (sorry Mr. President, the economy really does suck whether you believe it or not !) I just don't see it. Not any time soon.

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Re: 358 Speedweek

Post by racer9 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:14 am

I know this would no tbe possible but if they could run entire speedweek as a support series for the 410's no TT just pill draw...but they you wouldn't get out of the tracks till 2:00 am
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