Sidewinder Sprints 06/07 Shippensburg

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Sidewinder Sprints 06/07 Shippensburg

Post by Cobra » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:59 pm

Sidewinder Sprints – 06/07/14 Shippensburg

Summer is upon us and a more perfect summer evening for racing you will hard stretched to find. The added bonus free rock concert increased the value for race teams and fans. In an innovative promotion, Shippensburg had a local rock band Seventh Tower ( performing before and after the racing action. The on track action once again proved that the smaller slick tracks require a level of throttle control /setup that with correct track preparation, can enhance the racing experience.

The long tow award went to Rick Stone who made the tow from Connecticut. Rick has a long racing resume having raced everything from bikes to WOO to F1. This was his first time on the Shippensburg bullring that he can now add to his track list.
The first feature saw Rohan Beasley make the most of his pole starting position to lead all 20 laps. At one stage Beasley opened up almost a ½ a lap lead and his increased speed sent a ripple through the pits. Coming home 2nd was current point leader Mike Zielonis with his team car driven by Jason Stahl in 3rd. Brandon Yarlett made some moves to come from 8th to 4th and Rich Halter rounded out the top 5.

As this was Beasley’s first win at Shippensburg the victory lane photos will be cherished. Beasley shared that ” he wanted to thank his wife, Katie for her support, his Grandson for the loud cheering and his new crew chief James helping turn the program around. Special thanks to Scott and Aaron Spahr for their setup guidance and providing a different thought process. Thanks to ESC transport and Next Wave Electric for their long time support. Most importantly thanks to all the other Sidewinder teams that make this class so much fun to be a part of.”

The 2nd feature saw the first feature prime mover, Brandon Yarlett jump to the early lead. Brandon was able to stay in front of both the “81” cars of Stahl and Zielonis to take the win. The pressure was on as the first 3 cars raced bumper to bumper. The slightest mistake by any of them would have resulted in a passing opportunity. Further back in the field the action was just as intense. Beasley tried for multiple laps to work under Rick Stone before heading to the high side and using the momentum to slowly ( 1 foot at a time) make the pass on Stone. Beasley commented later that he could tell that Rick was a “pro” as he left the outside lane open resulting in 5 laps of side by side action that left both drivers entertained. The one caution flew when Beasley caught an infield tire and spun in turn 4. Late in the race Rich Halter started to run a higher line. He later explained that his car just became too tight and it wouldn’t rotate . Zach Overmiller also struggled with a tight race car and had a frustrating nights racing. Rookie Matt Kreider continues to impress and the closeness of the racing action at Shippensburg is great experience.

With Shippensburg’s wireless mic not performing, it was left to the Sidewinder officials to catch up with Brandon later in the pits. “ Firstly, thanks Shippensburg for having us, I grew up racing here for years and I can tell you that it is so much more fun with the extra need for throttle control. We were a very tight tonight in second feature and that really makes it tough going and hard to hold on to. I saw the 81 car behind me and I think he was playing with me waiting on that screw up to pass. With both cars looking similar I wasn’t sure if it was Mike or Jason, aftr it was over I saw that it was the 81Z and Jason was driving. He is heading overseas again to chase the snow bunnies and want to wish him safe travels and I'll speak for sidewinder sprints and say we'll miss you".. I like to thank my mom and fiancé dawn, and I know that my father is in heaven and looking down and riding with me.” Brandon continued “ Many thanks to Stardust Motel and Self Storage, Souder Feed and Grain, Spar Racing Engines for a excellent motor and RTS chassis for a great chassis .”

For the first time in Sidewinder history the overall placing's for the nights races saw a draw for 1st position. The odds were even longer when team cars filled those positions and the odds are near impossible that those cars did not win one of the features. Congratulations to Mike Zielonis and Jason Stahl for creating history.

Feature One Feature Two Final Total
Driver Start Finish Points Start Finish Points Points total Hard Charger
Mike Zielonis (81) 3 2 105 6 3 110 215 4
Jason Stahl (81Z) 5 3 105 4 2 110 215 4
Brandon Yarlett (4T) 8 4 108 1 1 105 213 4
Rohan Beasley (14) 1 1 105 8 7 80 185 1
Rich Halter (04) 6 5 90 3 5 83 173 -1
Matt Kreider (53) 7 7 76 2 4 88 164 -2
Rick Stone (41U) 2 6 76 7 6 84 160 -3
Zach Overmiller (75) 4 8 68 5 8 69 137 -7

Tire Shootout Invitational Results;

American Racer dominates with 4 of the top 5

American Racer – 59 pts

Hoosier – 32 pts

The results so far this year show the equality of the different engines /wheels & chassis.
Feature wins;
Micro < 760cc 10” wheels 2 wins
Upright 1000cc 13” wheels 4 wins
Micro 1000cc 10” wheels 5 wins
Micro 1000cc 13” wheels 2 wins

Overall top 5 finishes ;
Micro 1000cc 10” wheels 16
Upright 1000cc 13” wheels 7
Micro 1000cc 13” wheels 7
Micro <760 cc 10” wheels 4

This Week’s Questions;

Q. This week the Sidewinder are back at Shippensburg. Last time Austin Reed showed that the bigger upright Hyper Racing chassis can get the job done on the small oval. How may uprights will step up to the challenge this time ?

A. Two uprights came ou to play, Zach Overmiller in his Hyper and long distance traveler Rick Stone in his Bailey. Both teams struggled to find the setup on the slick bullring.

Q. Can the teams remember scales and tech this week ?

A. Yes ! All teams did their part of the process and the all clear was given.

Next Week’s Questions;

Q. With the return to Path Valley , the question will be will one of the Path Valley regulars be able to replicate Steve Whary and Ben Holutz’s 1st and 2nd place finish from the previous appearance or will the Sidewinder teams strike back ?

Sidewinder Sprints are accepting 2014 registrations.
Drivers wishing to join are reminded to register with us ASAP (click the registration link on our website) to reserve your car number, as we do not allow duplicate numbers, and to receive important "registered team" only emails regarding rules, contingency requirements and schedules.

Sidewinder Sprints will be appearing at:
Path Valley June 14th
Path Valley June 28th
Susquehanna July 3rd (Thursday Night)

For all your racing needs please contact our following partners:

Season Sponsors;

American Racer – Lias Tires ( )

Tire - Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic ( )

Contingency Awards:
Guhl Motors ( ; For all of your Fuel Injection needs. “Highest eligible Guhl injection finisher”; Mike Zielonis

Hyper Hard Charger (; Most positions gained in the features; Mike Zielonis and Jason Stahl (Tied)

Aero Wings ( ; Winners use Wings by Aero. "Lucky 7"; Zach Overmiller

Keizer Wheels ( ); Fast Fifth Award.; Rich Halter

Drivers 2014 points standings:
1st Mike Zielonis (81) 1363
2nd Brandon Yarlett (4T) 1213
3rd Rohan Beasley (14) 1142
4th Zach Overmiller (75) 1107
5th Matt Kreider (53) 905
6th Jason Stahl (5J) 840
7th Rich Halter (04) 829
8th Jim Young (8) 406
9th Jerry Strausbaugh (26) 401
10th Austin Quick (44) 395
11th Reed Salony (22R) 339
12th Keith Ford (4D) 307
13th Mike Murphy Jr (39) 258
14th Jonathon Hynes (95) 243
15th Steve Wary (44S) 240
16th Josh Chess (72) 209
17th Ben Houtz (77) 209
18th Mike Deimler (52) 163
19th Turk Tabb (95) 160
20th Rick Stone (41U) 160
21st Brad Weber (17) 141
22nd Christian Wright (22) 100
23rd Adam Meier (23M) 100
24th Tim Townsend (56) 100
25th Tom Kirkpatrick (5) 100
26th Brett Strickler (38) 100
27th Jason Eisenhart (21) 100
28th Aaron Spahr (16) 100

Team Owner 2014 points standings:
1st Mike Zielonis (81) 1363
2nd Donna and Brandon Yarlett (4T) 1213
3rd Katie Beasley (14) 1142
4th Steve & Renee Overmiller (75) 1107
5th Ron Kreider (53) 905
6th Tara Halter (04) 829
7th Mike Zielonis (81Z) 533
8th Jim Young (8) 406
9th Jerry Strausbaugh (26) 401
10th Mike Dicely (44) 395
11th Todd Salony (22R) 339
12th Glenn Stahl (5J) 307
13th Keith Ford (4D) 307
14th Mike Murphy Jr (39) 258
15th David Hynes (95) 243
16th John Wary (44S) 240
17th Don Chess (72) 209
18th Ben Houtz (77) 209
19th Mike Deimler (52) 163
20th Turk Tabb (95) 160
21st Rick Stone (41U) 160
22nd Brad Weber (17) 141
23rd Ken and Chris Wright (22) 100
24th Adam Meier (23M) 100
25th Tim Townsend (56) 100
26th Tom Kirkpatrick (5) 100
27th Party of Five (21) 100
28th Scott Spahr (16) 100
29th Mark Strickler (38) 100

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