Path Valley 6/20

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Path Valley 6/20

Post by racinrob » Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:17 pm

Perigo gets 2nd win at Path Valley

The Wingless Super Sportsmen ran the third of six races scheduled at Path Valley Speedway in 2014. Each race has seen a few more drivers and the level of exciting action has also increased each time.

Rookie Devin Beidel started second and won the drag race to turn one to capture the early lead of the Wingless Super Sportsman feature. Beidel was running the low groove while Joey Biasi was "flying high and wide", flirting with the outside guardrails in the corners. Biasi quickly caught Beidel and moved to the lead on lap three. Carmen Perigo was also working the high groove, but twice jumped the right rear tire of someone he was trying to pass and the second time he dropped back to the middle of the fifteen-car field. Then Perigo found his rhythm and started to march back toward the front. Every other lap or so Perigo would gain another position, finally chasing down Biasi and making the winning pass on lap twenty-one. In victory lane Perigo stated his engine was starting to have issues the last few laps, but it was still strong enough to hold on for the win. The victory gives Perigo two wins and a second place in the three races. Biasi held on to second, just ahead of Adam Wray, who claimed the Hard Charger award. Steve Wilbur ran in the top five all night, finishing fourth and Rick Barr completed the top five. Heat race checkers went to Wilbur and Perigo.

In the Mini Stock feature Mark Grove led the first four laps until losing his left front wheel on a lap five restart. Barry Welch took over the top spot, leading the next three laps. Justin Williamson led laps eight and nine, even though his hood was nearly falling off of his car. Welch regained the lead on lap ten and remained in control the rest of the way to secure the win. Josh Group worked past Lyle Barnes in the closing laps to finish second. Williamson faded to fourth and Bill Wentz was credited for fifth. Welch also won the heat race.

Curt Dunn led the first lap of the Super Stock feature, but could not hold off Alex Boozel, surrendering the lead on lap two. Shawn Shoemaker ran second until Austin Johnson and Bill Powell went by with about five laps to go. Johnson took a couple of shots at passing Boozel for the lead, but then had to contend with Powell from behind. This gave Boozel just enough breathing room to score the win. Powell was able to edge out Johnson by a nose at the finish line to claim second. Shoemaker finished fourth and Troy Eckenrode fifth. The heat race was won by Powell.

D.J. Keefer won the heat race and led all twenty laps to win the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature. Keefer was followed by Kyle Martin and Justin Rasp. Shane Seville was also on the track with his Strictly Stock and was the first car to finish, but was not legal to run with the Thunder Cars.

Path Valley results 6/20

Mini Stock: 1.Barry Welch (Three Springs, PA), 2.Josh Group, 3.Lyle Barnes, 4.Justin Williamson, 5.Bill Wentz, 6.Kenny Black, 7.Bill Kennedy, 8.Shaun Linn, 9.Mark Grove
Lap Leaders: Mark Grove (1-4), Barry Welch (5-7, 10-20), Justin Williamson (8-9)
Heat: Barry Welch

Super Stock: 1.Alex Boozel (Newton Hamilton, PA), 2.Bill Powell, 3.Austin Johnson, 4.Shawn Shoemaker, 5.Troy Eckenrode, 6.Curt Dunn, 7.Brad McGinnis, 8.Shyann Bard
Lap Leaders: Curt Dunn (1), Alex Boozel (2-20)
Heat: Bill Powell

Wingless Super Sportsman: 1.Carmen Perigo (Stoystown, PA), 2.Joey Biasi, 3.Adam Wray, 4.Steve Wilbur, 5.Rick Barr, 6.John Wolfe, 7.Devin Beidel, 8.Bob Gutshall, 9.Dave Conrad, Jr., 10.Duaine Smith, 11.Jaremi Hanson, 12.Stan Wanner, 13.J.R. Mull, 14.Bryan Gontz, 15.Dave Socks
Lap Leaders: Devin Beidel (1-2), Joey Biasi (3-20), Carmen Perigo (21-25)
Heats: Steve Wilbur, Carmen Perigo

4-Cyl. Thunder Car: 1.D.J. Keefer (McConnellsburg, PA), 2.Kyle Martin, 3.Justin Rasp, 4.Shane Seville
Lap Leaders: D.J. Keefer (1-20)
Heat: D.J. Keefer

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