Path Valley Sprint Nationals now wingless for the Sidewinder Sprints.

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Path Valley Sprint Nationals now wingless for the Sidewinder Sprints.

Post by Cobra » Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:00 pm

Path Valley Sprint Nationals now wingless for the Sidewinder Sprints.

Dryer Vent Wizard Challenge announced.

With the success of the wingless race at Path Valley 2 weeks ago, the Sidewinder Sprints teams suggested that we turn the Path Valley Sprint Nationals (October 3rd) into another wingless race.

Historically, the Sprint Nationals has seen winged sprints compete. This year the wingless Super Sportsman were added and now with the Sidewinders taking the wings off, fans will see both winged and wingless divisions on the same night.

With change comes opportunity. The Sidewinders will be utilizing a modified version of their normal twin feature format. For the Sprint Nationals, the Sidewinders will utilize a twin qualifier format. A pill draw will line up the first qualifier (All cars) and the 2nd qualifier will be a full invert of the first lineup. (All Cars again)

Both qualifiers will be 12 laps.

The normal passing/finishing points matrix from both qualifiers will determine the A main starting positions. (highest to the pole). The A main will be 20 to 25 laps depending on car count.

The A Main will also see passing/finishing points awarded.

The final payout on the nights action will be your total from both qualifiers and the feature.

The twist in this format is that you can have a bad qualifier and still make passes in the A main to end up at the pointy end of the payout structure.

The overall top point scorer will win $500 courtesy of Mark and Lori Strickler.

The winner of the A main will receive an additional $100 courtesy of Sidewinder Sprints in addition to their overall payout. (Win the feature and be high points and you earn $600)

As per the previous wingless races, the 600 teams will need to adhere to the Linda's wingless rules. 750lb and a right rear spec tire. Cars over 637cc must adhere to the normal Sidewinder rules.

As an added bonus, Jerry Strausbaugh from Dryer Vent Wizard ( has issued a challenge for both wingless and winged racers.. The Challenge is being held over both the Sprint Nationals (Wingless) and the Susquehanna Candy Bowl (Winged) race (October 31st) to find the most versatile driver.

At Susquehanna we will be winged and using our normal twin feature format.

Your points for these 2 races will be totaled;

1st $200
2nd $100
3rd $50

With and additional 3 lots of $50 in a draw for teams that compete in both races.

The last race ( Susky) pill draw will determine the lucky 3 $50 cash giveaways. Jerry will select 3 numbers and whoever gets closets to those numbers with the pill draw will win the $50. In the event that teams are the same amount apart, the cash will go to the lowest number.

All Standard Sidewinder Sprints rules apply to the Candy Bowl race.

What a great way to finish the year!

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