The 2016 Central PA Racing Scene Most Popular Driver Award

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The 2016 Central PA Racing Scene Most Popular Driver Award

Post by Bill Mc » Tue May 31, 2016 8:24 am

Here are the groups for the 2016 Central PA Racing Scene Most Popular Driver voting. Voting will start at 7:30 tomorrow morning with the 1st group and will go for 24 hrs. The top 5 from each group will move on to the finals which will be voted on Saturday Morning. You can vote for your favorite driver at on the top right of the website

Wednseday Group
Greg Hodnett
Doug Esh
Mike Wagner
Ryan Taylor
Brock Zearfoss
Steve Buckwalter
Wayne Dadetto
Curt Stroup
Lucas Wolfe
Aaron Ott
Tyler Bear
Kody Lehman
Logan Wagner
Mark Smith
Blane Heimbach
Joey Hershey
Brent Marks
TJ Stutts
Cale Grub
Ryan Smith
Daryl Stimling
Rick Lafferty
Anthony Fiore

Thursday Group
Mike Wagner II
Cory Thornton
Dave Jones
Mike Erdley
Davey Sammons
Karl Baker
Danny Dietrich
Brian Montieth
Cory Haas
Pat Cannon
Lance Dewease
Matt Campbell
Troy Fraker
Nicole Bower
Frankie Herr
Brad Franks
Todd Allen
Jay Galloway
Jim Shuster
Todd Berkheimer
Kyle Pruitt
Chad Trout
Tim Glatfelter

Friday Group
Alan Krimes
Gerard McIntyre
Jim Seigel
Austin Hougue
Adam Wilt
Freddie Rahmer
Billy Dietrich
Glenndon Forsythe
Kyle Moody
Robbie Kendall
Scott Fisher
Brandon Rahmer
Shane Hoff
Tyler Ross
Steve Owings
Chase Dietz
David Quackenbush
Joe Kata
JJ Grasso
Bobby Mazingo
Zach Euculano
Mike Bittinger
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