tobias 1964 emrich car

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Re: tobias 1964 emrich car

Post by RT88 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:43 pm

I'll add to the confusion. This is from Glenn Presgrave's 1966 column in Area Auto Racing News. According to the article it states that the Bud Folkenroth 1965 car returns to action as the Smokey Snellbaker car.

There is also a mention that Myers returns in Mike and Ben Gurtizen's No. 51. It does not mention if it is a new car or not.

In October of 1964 Bob Richwine has a 50 lap open show for supers and super modifieds. This race allows sprint cars. Larry Dickson wins the show.

The following week Richwine has the CVRA 100 for just the supers. Bobby Gerhart uses fuel conservation to win the race. While everyone else pits for fuel, Gerhart does not and wins. Bobby Abel held out as long as possible but he had to pit with 30 laps remaining. Steve Bubb

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Re: tobias 1964 emrich car

Post by GOSHOW » Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:06 am

MY guess would be Myers ran the 1965 car as the 51 at some point. Only way I can possibly sort this out. I just know straight from the horses mouth Smokey told me they bought the Bob Myers 51. :ahhhh: :dontknow:

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