Let's start some Driver Scrapbooks

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Let's start some Driver Scrapbooks

Post by RSCAracer » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:04 pm

I've been enjoying looking through the remember when and other topics on the drivers from the mid 50's thru early 70's era. This is the period, I like many others, grew up around the local tracks. There are many photos and stories of particular drivers, but they are scattered among many topics and posts, which get off topic. There are many of us who have information and photos on drivers of that era, and I personally would like to learn more about them.......so I have a request....I like to start individual driver scrapbooks on this site, so we can learn more about that driver along with pictures of all the cars they drove.

Here's how see it working: Pick a driver topic and title it (example - "Ray Tilley Scrapbook") / Let's stick with drivers from the 50's thru the early 70's / Post pics of a car(s) they drove during a particular years, listing the owner, mechanic, tracks they raced, and what they did in that car (wins, championships, etc.) / post any other stories or information.

I look back now and find it interesting all the different cars many of the local drivers raced. Some guys started in the jalopies racing tracks like Hilltop, Reading, etc. and them moved into the coupes, bugs, modifieds, & sprints. Some guys raced bugs and late models and then many guys would get rides for big races at then end of the year, such as Langhorne. It would be neat to see a historical collection of all the different cars, owners, mechanic, tracks, etc. a driver raced during his career. My interest is not just in the Central Penn area drivers and cars, but also guys from the Maryland, New York, and New Jersey.....late model drivers and the modified drivers like Al Tasnady, the late Lauden Potts, and many others.

There are hundreds of drivers that we could profile their careers in a scrapbook form. Racing season is ending and I thought this could be good winter reading for many of us who would like to learn more about many of the drivers, who may be gone but not forgotten.

Pick your favorite driver or others who you would like to learn more about......I'll start the ball rolling by posting three driver scrapbook topics that I would like to see more pics and background on their careers.

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Re: Let's start some Driver Scrapbooks

Post by GOSHOW » Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:17 am

Sounds wonderful... :clap: :clap: :thumbright:

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