Read if your are going to post.....

List Racing equipment For Sale or Wanted.
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Read if your are going to post.....

Post by sprntlover » Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:39 pm

1) If your posted item is sold or you found what you are looking for please post that it's sold. That way others will know and I can delete it and you won't be bothered by people contacting you unnecessarily.

2) After 3 months your ad will be removed unless you specified it was sold earlier than that. You may repost it if it was removed after 3 mos.

3) If you are a business and are posting ads PLEASE READ.....This is NOT a place for FREE advertising for your company so please do not post or they will be removed. If you want to advertise contact Williams Grove, I'm sure they would be glad to put your logo on the main website pages after that then you may post business related items.

4) Do NOT post the same item twice or one of them will be removed.

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