2011 Williams Grove Board Rules & FAQ's

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2011 Williams Grove Board Rules & FAQ's

Post by sprntlover » Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:15 pm

2011 Williams Grove Speedway Message Board Rules

We administrators have the right to add to these.

New sign ups:
An admin has the right to not allow certain usernames or if there are similar usernames you will be notified before activation if you wish to change your username. If when an admin activates your username and you are contacted that you are activated and that email is returned because it doesn't exist your username will get deactivated. If you sign up and within one or a few posts you start bashing etc. you will be banned asap.

Trouble logging in:
If you try to log in and there were too many failed attempts the board will automatically ban you for security purposes. This does NOT mean an admin banned you, so please don't send a nasty email asking why you were banned. Just close out the browser and open up a new one and try it again or try it later.

Forgot your password:
If you forgot your password it's best NOT to use the forgot password link - it never works LOL. Contact an admin and we can reset your password to whatever you want it to be if you let us know or we can make a temporary one and then you can change it once you are logged on.

About posting:
1) Please post in the proper forum. If you don't it will be moved by an admin or mod which is no big deal.

2) There is no need to post the same topic regarding press releases etc in different forums. If you do the others will be removed and the one in the correct forum will be kept. Select only ONE forum.

3) No name calling unless it is made in fun.

4) No posting rumors. This has been proven in the past that it only hurts drivers/owners/sponsors.

5) This is on the registration page so I am posting it here too....No posting abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually-orientated material.

6) There is to be NO bashing of drivers, period! You WILL BE banned permanently if you bash a driver. There is a fine line between stating your opinion and bashing so be VERY careful how you type it.

7) Personal lives of posters/drivers/owners/sponsors etc need not be discussed on this board unless it is done in a good way.

If you posted and you don't see your post it was probably moved to it's proper location unless it was deleted:
If we move it then it wasn't in the proper forum. If you want to see where it was moved to just click on your profile link and then "search all user's posts" and it will show your posts and where it was moved to.

If your posts or thread is deleted OR edited:
Do not give mods or admins a hard time over deleting or editing any threads or posts. We do NOT have to explain the reasoning as to why it was removed or edited. If any admin or mod deletes or removes your thread or post and you keep reposting it you will be given 5 days time out. We remove or delete threads or posts for a reason not just because we feel like it!! Most times an admin/mod/poster gets notification because of someone not wanting it made public yet and an admin is notified to remove it, DO NOT REPOST!!!!

If a thread is locked:
If an admin or mod locks a thread it will either be removed or kept there. If it is kept there for others to read it is left there for a reason....a) there could already be a topic started.....b) there could be fighting going back and forth between a few posters and that is your CUE to stop the fighting before warnings are issued by an admin or mod.....c) we didn't feel like deleting it ;)

Reporting a thread or post:
Please report posts that are questionable or bashing etc. You can click on the red exclamation mark link that is to the lower right of every post. When we log on we are able to see these and will handle them accordingly but we do not get notification of those until we log on. If it is of dire importance and needs immediate attention contact any admin or mod by email or private message.

About warnings:
If you receive a warning that means that you said something that shouldn't have been said and once you get a warning it shows up on your profile but cannot be seen to other regular posters. Once you receive 3 warnings it will be like baseball - 3 strikes and you are out. That is a rule directly said by Justin Loh.

Complaints about posters:
If an admin receives alot of complaints about how a poster is acting and posting we will give the problem poster a warning &/or time out. This depends on the severity of what was said or done. If it continues over time then the poster will be banned permanently.

About fighting:
1) You can disagree with someone but when it gets to be a bit more than that and the name calling and fighting starts up and depending on the severity of it you might each need a time out or be permanently banned. This is up to the discretion of the admin or mod on whether you will be temporarily or permanently banned.

2) If that fighting continues and gets worse thru personal emails or PM's then so be it, but when you involve an admin by either forwarding or copying the emails or PM's sent back and forth between said parties, then it also becomes the business of the admin, since you made it their business, and therefore the admin must take action and again depending on the severity both parties will be either permanently banned or have a long time out. This is serious and an admin will notify and forward the information to Williams Grove since most of the time it gets to where threats are given.

About banning:
Don't think just because you are an owner, driver, sponsor, official or whoever that you can come on this board and think you can say or do anything without the consquences. The ONLY people that have the right to do that is WILLIAMS GROVE because it is their board and they give you the pleasure of having this board to DISCUSS topics NOT start arguments, post rumors etc.

If you have been banned it will either be temporary or permanent. Again, this depends on the severity of what was said or done and is up to the discretion of the admin as to how long. If you have been a problem poster and it continues over and over more than likely it will end up being permanent.

If anyone has any questions about the rules of this board please contact an administrator. We are not perfect, nor do we portray to be and we cannot read every single thread or post on this message board. That is where reporting threads or posts using that red exclamation point helps us admins and mods out.
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