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Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:02 am
by racer9
Gordy420 wrote:Hey jerry get our locker room cleaned,parking spots marked off up front and beverage machines filled up.,were on the way...... :roflmao:

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:54 pm
by Gordy420
racer9 wrote:
Gordy420 wrote:Hey jerry get our locker room cleaned,parking spots marked off up front and beverage machines filled up.,were on the way...... :roflmao:
:thinking: WANNA BE RAVEN FAN or just a hoser??

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:22 pm
by themouth
Michael Root wrote::roflmao: He actually likes one of GB's Rivals.

or maybe hes infatuated with a certain qb who has retired 458 times!

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:40 pm
by Hockdizzle
Man, I love this place! :cheers2:

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:51 am
by themouth
seeing this thread has been dead for a while, ill post something i think is discusting!! how fitting its psu too.. :mrgreen: :naughty:

Report: Jerry Sandusky investigated news services

A grand jury in Pennsylvania is investigating former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky on allegations of indecent assault against a teenage boy, The Patriot-News of Harrisburg (Pa.) reported Thursday.

Five people with knowledge of the case said the grand jury has been meeting for 18 months and has called witnesses including Penn State coach Joe Paterno and athletic director Tim Curley, according to the report.

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A spokesman for the athletic department declined to comment Thursday on behalf of athletics and Paterno. Lisa Powers, a spokeswoman for the university, also declined to comment.

Sandusky, 67, who was an assistant coach at Penn State for 32 years and retired in 1999, did not respond to repeated attempts to contact him -- directly and through his attorney -- for comment on the allegations and the investigation, the newspaper reported.

Sandusky has not been charged. A grand jury examines accusations to determine if evidence warrants filing charges.

The state attorney general's office would neither confirm nor deny whether a grand jury was investigating the allegations, according to the report.

The investigation began in 2009, after the boy, then 15, told Keystone Central School District officials that Sandusky, then a volunteer assistant at Central Mountain High School, had touched him inappropriately during a four-year period, according to the report.

Sandusky quit as a volunteer at the high school in 2009.

The district's interim superintendent at the time, John DiNunzio, told The Patriot-News the boy's mother had reported the incident to the high school principal and football coach. "It was strictly a touching type of situation," he said.

DiNunzio, now interim superintendent at another school district, said he referred the matter to Clinton County Children and Youth Services and never heard from police afterward, according to the report.

The boy told the agency that Sandusky had inappropriate contact with him beginning when he was 10 years old, people with knowledge of the case told The Patriot-News.

The matter was eventually referred to then-state Attorney General Tom Corbett in March 2009. Corbett, now governor of Pennsylvania, declined comment through his spokesman, The Patriot-News reported.

As Penn State's defensive coordinator, Sandusky was credited for turning out top linebackers, as well as bowl game defensive strategies that helped the Nittany Lions neutralize a pair of Heisman Trophy winners -- Georgia's Herschel Walker and Miami's Vinny Testaverde -- to win national championships after the 1982 and 1986 seasons.

In 1977, Sandusky founded The Second Mile, a nonprofit organization that runs summer and year-round camp programs for Pennsylvania at-risk youth. He has retired from the organization's board of directors, according to the report.

The Second Mile's executive director, Dr. Jack Raykovitz, said in a statement issued Thursday that the organization was "shaken by the article."

"While The Second Mile is referenced in the Patriot-News article, we have been advised that neither The Second Mile nor our programs are the subject of any investigation," Raykovitz said. "Out of respect for all parties, we cannot discuss, speculate, or comment further."

Raykovitz said the organization was committed "first and foremost to the safety and well-being of the children we serve. We have zero tolerance for abuse. ... Throughout our history, there have never been allegations made with regard to misconduct occurring during any Second Mile program."

A second board member, who asked not to be named, told the Patriot-News that Sandusky had notified the board of the investigation into allegations against him.

"We all know there's an investigation going on," the board member said, according to the report.

A second investigation of Sandusky reportedly had been conducted by Penn State police in 1998, after it was alleged he inappropriately touched a then-12-year-old boy while the two were showering in Penn State's on-campus football facility, according to The Patriot-News. No charges were ever filed in that case.

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:40 pm
by Heather
Heard their building jail cells in the locker room and have a probation officer assigned strictly to the Eagles....

Much of the news about the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason has revolved about the seemingly imminent departure of quarterback Kevin Kolb once the NFL lockout is lifted and the free agency and trading periods begin. But there could be some arrivals in Philly, too.

A source close to the team told Yahoo! Sports that the Eagles might explore the acquisitions of such players as Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, Saints running back Reggie Bush and former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress — big names all.

Could one of these three players be an Eagle next time Philly takes the field: Plaxico Burress, Albert Haynesworth or Reggie Bush? (AP Photos)"This is the year," the source said. "We think we have a great shot to win it, and we're loading up and going for it."

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie recently echoed that sentiment to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"We're ready to roll when there's a new league year," Lurie said. "We've got a great plan in place, and you never know what you can accomplish, but I know we're going to be both aggressive and hopefully make the right decisions. It's frustrating to be a team that's poised to make some of the moves we want to make and not be able to. I think we'll all be excited when the league year starts."

The Eagles aren't shy about making big moves. Last offseason, they traded longtime quarterback Donovan McNabb to the NFC East-rival Redskins and named Kolb their starting quarterback. Eventually, Michael Vick replaced Kolb and led Philadelphia to a 10-6 record and the division title. The Eagles then lost to the Packers in a wild-card playoff game.

Making a run at Haynesworth, who had a rocky season in Washington last season and upset the Redskins coaches and players with his comments and me-first attitude, makes sense for Philadelphia. The Eagles hired former Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn after last season. Haynesworth had his best years in Tennessee playing for Washburn.

Bush, who could leave the Saints after the team drafted former Heisman Trophy-winning running back Mark Ingram, piqued the Eagles' interest earlier in the offseason, according to a team source. And coach Andy Reid "loves" the idea of acquiring Burress, recently released from prison after spending 20 months on a gun charge, according to the source.

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Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:24 pm
by lefty
I think there's too many copy and paste articles in this thread. :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:


Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:33 pm
by Sea Bass
Lawyer up!

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:29 pm
by Wax
welp,here we go, :cowboysmoke:

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:50 pm
by Wax
for some stupid reason i'm :thinking:the Cowboys get it done this year/season laugh now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cry later.

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:33 am
by BStrawser26
The injury depleated Cowboys beat the Dedskins!! :yessss: :yessss:

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:57 am
by Stew
Squeaked out another one :thumbright:

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:57 am
by dberk4
Thanks Cowboys , Now my giants are tied for 1st . I just hate the Redskins and mostly the dream team Eagles .

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:31 pm
by billysangel
I'm none to pleased with Romo's performance this year. After the loss to the Eagles I was glad to see the win this week against the Redskins. Now I hope they can pull off a win on Thanksgiving Day against the Dolphins.

Re: Discusted !!!!

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:24 pm
by yeldarb
Why is this a sticky ? They should be reserved for teams who can actually make the playoffs!!