WWE RAW Results 3/7/2011

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WWE RAW Results 3/7/2011

Post by Hockdizzle » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:26 pm

RAW Opener:

The gong sounds and the Undertaker makes his way out to the ring to start off this week's show. Taker says two legends will collide at Wrestlemania, but there can be only one last outlaw, and there is word that the streak will end this year. He says after all the battles and injuries, people think Triple H is the one guy who can take him down. He says he wants to remind everyone what happened to Shawn Michaels when he thought he could end the streak, then a clip of their matches play. After the clip, Taker says their will be no excuses, no disqualifications, and no rules because their match will be no holds barred! He says anything is possible, but one thing will stay true, and Triple H will die trying to end the streak, and he will rest... in... peace.

Randy Orton is seen fighting with Nexus backstage, and he tries to hold his own but Mason Ryan throws him into a cabinet. CM Punk comes into frame and starts hitting Orton, and tells him he took out McGillicutty, but they will send him somewhere much worse. He throws Orton's head into the cabinet twice, then hits the GTS and Orton falls to the concrete. Punk tells them to pick him up and drag him to the ring, and they head in that direction as we go to a break.

Nexus has Orton in the ring when we get back, and they are yelling at him as a group of referees come out and try to stop them from attacking. Punk leaves the ring with Ryan and Otunga stays back and tries to say he wants his match right now. Orton finally makes it to his feet and looks furious as the ref rings the bell.

David Otunga vs Randy Orton

Otunga just stomps Orton in the corner then drags him by the shirt and kicks him in the ribs. Otunga lifts him up and bodyslams him for a near fall then points to the Wrestlemania sign and hits a spinebuster. Orton kicks out again and Otunga looks to attack him again, but Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere and makes the cover.

Winner - Randy Orton

Ryan runs out as soon as the bell rings and attacks Orton and yells at him not to mess with them. Orton hits the RKO on him and turns his attention to Punk who runs down the ramp. Orton dares him to get in the ring then sets up to punt Otunga. Punk yells at him not to do it and tries to run around the ring to stop it, but Orton kicks Otunga right in the head anyway and Punk flips out as Orton pounds the mat and dares him to do something about it.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio, who comes out with his rookie Brodus Clay. He says winning the title at Wrestlemania is his destiny, and tells Christian they will fight, but it won't be tonight, because he needs to beat Brodus Clay first.

Christian vs Brodus Clay

Brodus uses the ropes and he chops Christian, then uses his shoulder to knock him down when he tries running the ropes. Brodus works on the pectoral muscle but Christian starts punching him so Brodus suplexes him, but misses a big splash. Christian gains control and dropkicks Brodus to finally knock him off his feet, but Brodus doesn't stay down for long. He rushes Christian in the corner but gets caught with a tornado DDT, and Christian picks up the win.

Winner - Christian

Alberto attacks him right after the bell and points to the Wrestlemania sign, then rolls Christian over and locks in the Cross Armbreaker. He finally releases the hold as a ref tells him to get out of the ring and he leaves with Brodus and Ricardo.

Divas Championship
Eve Torres (c) vs Nikki Bella

Eve slams Nikki's head into the turnbuckle then throws her by the hair across the ring and clotheslines her. Nikki tries to beg Eve to stop, then trips her near the ropes and chokes her and hits a hair toss of her own. Cole picks up a microphone IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH and tells them to get it over with because he wants to announce his special referee. Mathews tells him to stop because no one cares and asks him to do his job while the girls continue the match. Eve gets pulled away by the ref and they try to switch places but the ref catches them and tells Brie to get out of the ring. Nikki tries to go after Eve, but Eve sidesteps her and hits a spinning neckbreaker to retain.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion - Eve

Cole gets back on the mic and says thank god it's over because he gets to make his announcement. He says he is the main event and it's finally time for him to announce who the referee will be. He says it is his first ever match, and he has a contract for the referee to sign, and he wanted to find an impartial referee. He says this man is a former champion, a legend and a WWE icon, and tells them to start chanting for Austin. He calls them fools and says they all fell for it, and his referee is JBL!

JBL comes out in his limo and makes his way to the ring and he is all smiles as Cole is eating it all up. They hug in the ring then shake hands and the crowd start booing as JBL gets the mic. He says he left to go to a better place in New York City, and he felt bad for them because Dallas was without a champion for so long. He thanks them for being so welcoming, and says Cole is right, no one has debuted in the Wrestlemania main event until now. He says he was a mentor to Cole and says he hates King for bullying cole for all those years, and he hates bullies.

JBL says the world will find out what a great athlete Cole is, and they will find out what an impartial referee he will be. He says he can buy anything he wants, but no one can buy him, and people will remember this day for years to come. He says it's time for JBL to return home and return to the main event of Wrestlemania, and he goes to sign the contract but Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupts and Cole looks shocked that he is on his way out.

JBL screams in Austin's face as he tries to talk to Cole, but JBL won't get out of the way. Austin gets ****** and gives him a Stunner and starts a beer bash as Cole starts screaming that Austin ruined his night. Austin pours beer on JBL then looks at the contract and Cole starts to beg him not to do it. Austin picks up the contract and signs it as Cole starts crying at the announcer's table, then continues to drink as Cole begs him to reconsider.

Austin walks up to Cole and shakes his hand, then dumps beer all over Cole's head, and tells him good luck then shoves him back in his chair. Cole looks dejected and starts walking towards the back, and Austin pours more beer on him from the turnbuckle and waits for JBL to stand back up. He hands JBL a beer and they reluctantly toast, then he hits JBL with another Stunner and makes his way to the back with more beer.

Cole is with Jack Swagger in the backstage area and is complaining about what Austin just did, and Swagger tells him to stop. He says all Cole needs to do is worry about his match with Jerry Lawler, and he will take care of Austin. Swagger says he will snap his ankle like a twig and Cole leaves to go get cleaned up.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Sheamus kicks Bryan in the corner and continues to attack until Bryan hits a dropkick that sends Sheamus outside. He tries to get on the apron but Bryan hits a running dropkick to send him crashing into the announcer's table. Sheamus looks like he hurt his left leg as he is rolling around on the floor. He struggles to stand up and get in the ring but he can't make it in time and gets counted out

Winner - Daniel Bryan

Sheamus gets a mic and says he will admit it, he is on a bit of a losing streak, but that will all change next week. He says it will change because he will become the new United States Champion, and asks Bryan what he thinks of that. Bryan agrees to the match and Sheamus tells everyone that if he doesn't win the match, he'll quit.

CM Punk vs R-Truth

Truth goes for a quick rollup but Punk counters and starts ramming Truth's shoulder into the ringpost. He continues to work on Truth's shoulder but Truth makes a comeback by countering a GTS into a jumping kick. The comeback is short as Punk hits him in the corner then hits a uranage slam and drops Truth on his shoulder. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice and gets Truth to tap out.

Winner - CM Punk

Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring to a chorus of boos and introduces the newest member of RAW, Dolph Ziggler!

Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison

Dolph hits a running shoulder and follows it with a dropkick that sends Morrison outside as we go to a break. When we return, Dolph has him in a side headlock in the ring and fights to keep it applied as Morrison starts to get to his feet. Dolph misses a corner splash and Morrison hits some clotheslines then hits a neckbreaker but Dolph gets his foot on the ropes. Dolph holds onto the ropes while the ref gets Morrison off of him, and Dolph pokes him in the eye and hits the Zig Zag to steal the win.

Winner - Dolph Ziggler

Vickie celebrates with Dolph but they get interrupted by a GM email, and Lawler says he will read it since Cole is off somewhere crying. The GM says he hired Dolph Ziggler, but not Vickie, and says she can have a job on RAW, but she has to win her match next week, against Trish Stratus! Security comes out to remove her as she flips out and Dolph asks them to leave her alone. Vickie asks why he won't help her and Dolph says they will be OK next week, but she sarcastically thanks him for his help as she leaves the arena with the security guards.

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