What you didn't see on RAW (3/21)

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What you didn't see on RAW (3/21)

Post by Hockdizzle » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:59 pm

John Cena and Triple H defeated CM Punk and Sheamus. The advertised match was a six-man tag including both Orton and The Miz added to their respective heel or face sides. Neither man came out - assuming that Orton was selling Punk's earlier attack and The Miz was tending to Alex Riley - and the match started without them.

Triple H and Sheamus started the match. After some brief action between HHH and the two heels alternately, Triple H made a hot tag to Cena, who eventually got Punk in the Attitude Adjustment at which point Triple H ran in and put Sheamus in the Pedigree. Both men hit their finishers and pinned the receiver of their moves at the same time.

After the match, both Cena and Triple H stayed to meet and talk with the fans at ringside for a few minutes. At one point, Triple H was jokingly chasing a production team member around the announce table and through the timekeeper's section.

The majority of the fans (maybe around 70 - 80 percent) stayed for the dark match. Those who stayed seemed very pleased with the dark match and the show in general.

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