Terry Bradshaw Backed This Guy Up??

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Terry Bradshaw Backed This Guy Up??

Post by Scott Harro » Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:49 pm

holy crap batman. wonder what kind of pro quarterback he'd have been had the redskins got him. here's an article from a & e televison and below the pic is another article from sports illustrated.

Phil Robertson

Patriarch of the family, Phil, is a living legend in Louisiana and is better known by his alias; the Duck Commander. He may not look like it, but he played first-string quarterback ahead of football star Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech University in the ’60s. They were both drafted into the NFL but Phil turned it down because it interfered with duck season. Instead he stayed in Louisiana, married his high school sweetheart, Miss Kay, built a house down by the river and together they raised four sons. His love for the outdoors lead him to create the Duck Commander® Duck Call in 1973, which has gone on to become the most trusted duck whistle ever conceived. Duck hunting is so important to Phil that he follows a strict routine of no showering, no shaving, and no clothes washing of any kind during the ten-week season to ensure a bountiful haul.


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