Woo at Salina High Banks Updates 4/27/2013

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Re: Woo at Salina High Banks Updates 4/27/2013

Post by kinserfan11 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:17 pm

30 Lap 10 Grand to win A Finish 1-10: 7-Dollansky, 51-McMahan, 9-Pittman, 1-Swindell, 71M-Saldana, 11-KINSER, 15H-Hafertepe, 41-Johnson, 29-Madsen, 82-Wolfe 11-20: 63-Kemenah, 77X-Johnson, 4-Darrah, 11K-KINSER, 93-Morgan, 74X-Hodges,15-Schatz, 6-Gravel, 97-Cummings, 2L-Forler 21 Loyet, 22 Jennings
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