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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 1:39 am 
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Qual 1-10: 71M-Saldana, 29-Madsen, 51-McMahan, 49-Sweet, 9-Pittman, 1-Swindell, 11-KINSER, 21-Brown, 24-Abreu, 0-Kaeding,Qual 11-20: 21M-Meyers, 15-Schatz, 3C-Allard, 88N-Netto, 88-McCarl, 7S-Sides, 33E-Suggs, 55-Starks, 00-Statler, 83-Kaeding,Qual 21-30: 83JR-Hirst, 121-Golobic, 4-Darrah, 1S-Schuchart, 11K-KINSER, 40-Scelzi, 44W-Wheatley, 68-Toft, 1A-Allen, 89-Mansfield,Qual 31-35: 77-Magoon, 7Y-Snow, 15H-Harvey, 22-Moore, 27-Becker,
Heat 1 Line Up: 3C-24; 9-71M; 33E-83JR; 11K-1A; 15H
Heat 2 Line Up: 88N-O; 1-29; 55-121; 41-89; 22
Heat 3 Line Up: 88-21M; 11-51; OO-4; 44W-77; 27
Heat 4 Line Up: 7S-15; 21-49; 83-1S; 68-7Y
Heat 1 Finish: 24, 3C, 9, 33E, 71M, 83JR, 11K, 15H
Heat 2 Finish: 88N, 0, 29, 1, 121, 55, 41, 89, 22
Heat 3 Finish: 88, 21M, 11, 51, 4, 00, 44W, 77, 27
Heat 4 Finish: 15, 7S, 49, 1S, 21, 83, 7Y, 68
B-Main Line Up: 55-OO; 83-83JR; 11K-41; 44W-68; 1A-89; 77-7Y; 15H-22; 27
Dash Line Up: 0-24; 29-71M; 21M-15; 3C-88N; 88-7S
Dash Finish: 0-Kaeding, 71M-Saldana, 24-Abreu, 29-Madsen, 21M-Meyers, 7S-Sides, 3C-Allard, 15-Schatz, 88-McCarl, 88N-Netto,
B Finish 1-10: 83JR-Hirst, 83-Kaeding, 55-Starks, 11K-KINSER, 00-Statler, 40-Scelzi, 1A-Allen, 44W-Wheatley, 15H-Harvey, 89-Mansfield,
A-Main Line Up: O-71M; 24-29; 21M-7S; 3C-15; 88-88N; 51-49; 9-1; 11-21; 33E-55; 83-83JR; 121-4; 1S-11K
A Finish 1-10: 29-Madsen, 15-Schatz, 71M-Saldana, 21M-Meyers, 0-Kaeding, 83-Kaeding, 11-KINSER, 9-Pittman, 88-McCarl, 83JR-Hirst,
A Finish 11-20: 51-McMahan, 3C-Allard, 7S-Sides, 88N-Netto, 55-Starks, 121-Golobic, 11K-KINSER, 21-Brown, 4-Darrah, 1-Swindell,
A Finish 21-24: 49-Sweet, 1S-Schuchart, 33E-Suggs, 24-Abreu,

Long Live 20 Time World Of Outlaws Champion Steve
Kinser #11

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