Cottle Masters Montpelier BOSS Sprints

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Cottle Masters Montpelier BOSS Sprints

Post by nowingsjeff » Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:36 pm

For back to back seasons now, the Mo Vaughn Transport / BOSS sprints have rolled into the newly remodeled Montpelier Motor Speedway for a September show that has thrilled Indiana race fans! Last night, a great field of 40 wingless sprints packed the pit area and the previous days rain made for a tricky race track that saw many cars bicycling and bouncing through the corners, providing plenty of thrills for the drivers and fans alike! In the end, it was Shane Cottle parking the legendary Paul Hazen owned #57 in victory lane before a large appreciative audience.

The night began with 5 heat races which were won by Landon Simon, J.T. Stapp, Joe Liguori, Justin Grant and Cottle. The BOSS series takes pride in that our drivers are interactive with the fans, but BOSS regular Aaron Middaugh took that to a new level as he got up close and personal with a lot of fans in the third heat race. After charging up to battle for the transfer spot, Middaugh rode the cushion through turn 3 and 4 but had to check up to avoid a car that was pushing up off the bottom. The Shakely Mechanical #91x car made contact with the wall and began executing a vicious series of tumbles tearing out a section of the Montpelier catch fence and narrowly missing the flagstand. Middaugh was taken to a local hospital where he was checked over and released. He is the only driver to have entered every race in the history of the BOSS tour and the Ironman from Polk, Ohio plans to be back in action next week at Waynesfield Raceway Park. NHRA Pro Stock Bike drag racing star Chaz Kennedy from Georgia made his sprint car debut, but his night ended abruptly when he found out that making turns was a part of sprint car racing and he flipped down the frontstretch in heat #5 but emerged unhurt.

Following the heat races, twin 12 car B-Mains were run. BOSS tour stars and teammates Michael Fischesser and Justin Owen looked impressive claiming the B wins. Fischesser won by a large margin while Owen had his work cut out in the second B barely holding off Cooper Clouse and Kent Wolters who also transferred to the main event.

The 25 lap A-Main was paced to the green flag by J.T Stapp and Cody Gardner on the front row with Stapp jumping out to a quick early lead. Cottle was quick moving from his 6th starting spot up into the runner-up spot with BOSS points leader Shawn Westerfeld a determined 3rd. Then, a plethora of early cautions would hamper the event. On a lap 8 restart, Cottle was able to slip past Stapp for the lead with Westerfeld, Kody Swanson, Gardner and Jon Stanbrough all on the move early.

From lap 8 through 12 it appeared Cottle was on his way to an easy victory, but the "Guilford Gasser" Shawn Westerfeld was on a march to the front in a mad search for the win and the 2015 BOSS championship. Working lap #13, he was able to work past Cottle to take the lead for the next 3 circuits, but Cottle would not go quietly into the Indiana night. With Westerfeld's setup beginning to go away, the Hazen 57 came on strong and on lap 16, Cottle retook the lead and drove into the BOSS history books leading the final 10 circuits and scoring his first tour victory.

Kody Swanson in the Kent Wolters #21K battled up to the runner-up spot at the finish with Justin Grant coming on strong late in the Baldwin #5 to score third. Stanbrough and a late fading Westerfeld completed the top 5. Rounding out the top 10 were Cody Gardner, Luke Hall, hard charger of the night Dallas Hewitt, Landon Simon and J.T. Stapp.

The BOSS staff would like to say a special thank you to Bobby Gompf and his Lawrenceburg Speedway Safety Crew for working the event and also a thank you to the staff and fans at Montpelier Motor Speedway for a great night of racing. The tour now moves on to the final 3 rounds of competition where Shawn Westerfeld holds a commanding lead with the championship his to win or lose. Catch BOSS in action at Waynesfield Raceway Park next Saturday, September 19th, then at Fremont Speedway Saturday, October 3rd and the big finale where BOSS will once again be "THE SHOW" at Eldora Speedway on Saturday, October 10th.

Event #18 of 21
Montpelier Motor Speedway ; Montpelier, IN

Mo Vaughn Transport B.O.S.S. 410 sprint cars (40 cars)
[#] - Starting Position

Heat 1 - Moose Racing (Anaheim, CA): (10 Laps - Top 3 to A-Feature)
1. 24-Landon Simon[2] ; 2. 21K-Kody Swanson[1] ; 3. 9N-Luke Hall{6] ; 4. 66J-Josh Spencer[3] ; 5. 14c-Cooper Clouse[5] ; 6. 87-Paul Dues[4] ; 7. 31-Chuck Wilson[8] ; 8. 97-Scott Hardman[7]

Heat 2 - Lias Tire / American Racer (Indiana, PA): (10 Laps - Top 3 to the A-Feature)
1. J.T. Stapp[2] ; 2. 4P-Jon Stanbrough[5] ; 3. 82-Mike Miller[4] ; 4. 26-Justin Owen[8] ; 5. 5-Bob McMillin[3] ; 6. 14-Chad Wilson[6] ; 7. 71-Dwayne Spille[7] ; 8. 97J-Andy Fike[1]

Heat 3 - Hoosier Racing Tire: (10 Laps - Top 3 to the A-Feature)
1. 16R-Joe Liguori[1] ; 2. 77-Dustin Smith[8] ; 3. 18-Travis Welpot[4] ; 4. 4-Michael Fischesser[5] ; 5. 12-Kent Wolters[7] ; 6. 3-Joe Butera[3] ; 7. 5A-Toby Alfrey[2] ; 8. 91x-Aaron Middaugh

Heat 4 - Buckeye Machine & Fab (Forest, OH): (10 Laps - Top 3 to the A-Feature)
1. 5G-Justin Grant[1] ; 2. 46-Cody Gardner[4] ; 3. 2DI-Dustin Ingle[8] ; 4. 69R-Kyle Simon[2] ; 5. 50-Tony Diamattia[5] ; 6. 08-Tristan Maggart[7] ; 7. 22W-Mike Weber[3] ; 8. 96-Rylie VanHise[6]

Heat 5 - FAST Signs (Dayton, OH): (10 Laps - Top 3 to the A-Feature)
1. 57-Shane Cottle[1] ; 2. 89-Shawn Westerfeld[5] ; 3. 21-Dallas Hewitt[6] ; 4. 63D-Jim Dues[2] ; 5. 53-Steve Little[4] ; 6. 39-Matt Goodnight[3] ; 7. 42E-Cole Ketchum[7] ; 8. 14K-Chaz Kennedy[8]

B-Main #1 - Southeast Harley Davidson (Cleveland, OH): (12 Laps - Top 3 to the A Feature)
1. 4-Michael Fischesser[2] ; 2. 63D-Jim Dues[3] ; 3. 66J-Josh Spencer[3] ; 4. 50-Tony Diamattia[5] ; 5. 39-Matt Goodnight[8] ; 6. 5-Bob McMillin[4] ; 7. 71-Dwayne Spille[9] ; 8. 3-Joe Butera[7] ; 9. 97-Scott Hardman[11] ; 10. 91x-Aaron Middaugh[DNS] ; 11. 14K-Chaz Kennedy[DNS]

B-Main #2 - Kistler Engines (Fremont, OH): (12 Laps - Top 3 to the A Feature)
1. 26-Justin Owen[1] ; 2. 14c-Cooper Clouse[3] ; 3. 12-Kent Wolters[4] ; 4. 69R-Kyle Simon[2] ; 5. 42E-Cole Ketchum[10] ; 6. 31-Chuck Wilson[8] ; 7. 5A-Tobt Alfrey[9] ; 8. 14-Chad Wilson[6] ; 9. 08-Tristan Maggart[7] ; 10. 53-Steve Little[5] ; 11. 96-Rylie VanHise[12] ; 12. 97J-Andy Fike[11]

Mo Vaughn Transport B.O.S.S. A-Main - (25 Laps)
1. 57-Shane Cottle[6] ; 2. 21K-Kody Swanson[3] ; 3. 5G-Justin Grant[9] ; 4. 4P-Jon Stanbrough[7] ; 5. 89-Shawn Westerfeld[4] ; 6. 46-Cody Gardner[2] ; 7. 9N-Luke Hall[11] ; 8. 21-Dallas Hewitt[15] ; 9. 24-Landon Simon[10] ; 10. 74-J.T. Stapp[1] ; 11. 2DI-Dustin Ingle[14] ; 12. 77-Dustin Smith[8] ; 13. 82-Mike Miller[12] ; 14. 4-Michael Fischesser[16] ; 15. 12-Kent Wolters[21] ; 16. 26-Justin Owen[17] ; 17. 63D-Jim Dues[18] ; 18. 18-Travis Welpot[13] ; 19. 14c-Cooper Clouse[19] ; 20. 66J-Josh Spencer[20] ; 21. 16R-Joe Liguori[5]

Bonus Award Winners

Bridge Restaurant of Sidney, OH - "Hard Charger" - Dallas Hewitt (+7) - $50

Lynn Cook "a racer's friend" of Dayton, OH - "Hard Luck Award" - Aaron Middaugh - $50

Hochstetler Truck and Auto Repair - "Steel Block Award" - Kody Swanson - $50

Apple Metal Polishing of Eldorodo, OH - "Lucky Pill Draw" - Justin Grant / Shane Cottle- $40

Plus Automatic Transmission of Mansfield, OH - "Perseverance Award" - Dustin Ingle - $50

Lias Tire of Indiana, PA - "American Racer Bonus Award" - Shane Cottle - Free Tire

Hoosier Tire Midwest - "Hoosier Tire Bonus Award" - Justin Grant - Free Tire

Design 500 of Seattle, WA "Rusty McClure Tribute Award" - Landon Simon - $100 Design 500 gift certificate

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