ARDC- Arndt victorious at Big Diamond

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ARDC- Arndt victorious at Big Diamond

Post by wlesher » Sat May 21, 2016 9:12 am

Arndt Wins with Last Lap Pass at Big Diamond
Pottsville, PA

Brett Arndt notched his second win of the ARDC season and first at Big Diamond with a thrilling last lap pass of Trevor Kobylarz.

The Steward racing number 33 of Danny Stratton and the Hyper racing number 4 of Ryan Greth lead the field to the green with Stratton jumping out to the early lead. Stratton looked strong in the early stages until Trevor Kobylardz showed him a nose going into turn one of lap five. Contact between the leaders sent Stratton spinning into the infield coming out of turn four bringing out the yellow flag and giving Kobylarz the race lead.

The Cafe Waldorf number 14 of Kobylarz took the green on lap six as the leader with Arndt and Alex Bright following. Kobylardz stretched his lead as the top five battled for position. Arndt slowly started to reel in the leader and moved under Kobylarz going into turn one of lap seventeen. Trevor pulled ahead with Arndt and Bright ready to pounce. As the field took the white flag Kobylarz slightly slowed up for a lap car and Arndt drove under him taking the lead on the back stretch. The leaders would go into the last turn with Kobylarz trying to dive back under Ardnt but it wasn’t enough as Arndt took the checkers for the win.

Alex Bright crossed the line 3rd, Billy Pauch Jr. in the Heffner racing #27 was 4th and Ryan Wilson finished 5th after battling Pauch for 4th.

ARDC Big Diamond Results:
1)#46 Brett Arndt
2)#14 Trevor Kobylardz
3)#77 Alex Bright
4)#27 Billy Pauch Jr.
5)#29 Ryan Wilson
6)#92 Brenden Bright
7)#78 Nick Wean
8)#4 Ryan Greta
9)#25 Kyle Spence
10)#99g Justin Grosz
11)#95 Jim Radney
12)#22 Johnny Heydenreich
13)#4x Shelby Harper
14)#11 Eric Heydenreich
15)#33 Danny Stratton
16)#44 Brett Wanner
17)#20 Carey Becker
DNS: #5 P.J. Gargulio, #21k Tommy Kunsman

Danny Stratton and Ryan Greth took the heat race wins

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