Justin Owen Scores BOSS Opener at Atomic

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Justin Owen Scores BOSS Opener at Atomic

Post by nowingsjeff » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:37 pm

Story: Ryan Kent Jr

CHILLICOTHE, OH—The Rick’s Truck and Equipment Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series kicked off the season Saturday night April 22. Despite a damp and chilly night, 24 traditional sprint cars packed the pit area at Atomic Speedway. Justin Owen of Harrison, Ohio picked up his second career tour victory in a 25 lap feature event that was slowed by 3 cautions.

Kirk Jeffries and Justin Owen would pace the field to the initial green with Owen quickly asserting command. Despite facing challenge from several competitors including Cody Gardner, Dustin Smith and his front row starting mate Kirk Jeffries, Owen powered up and led all 25 laps.

It was an overall good night for the Fischesser-Owen Racing crew. Michael Fischesser, carrying the 44 in honor of the late Greg Stabb, started 16th and gave Owen everything he had on a tricky track that sent many towards the front of the pack to the high side of the 3/8th’s mile oval.

As Fischesser approached nearing the halfway point of the 25 lap feature, a caution flew for Lewisburg, Ohio’s Ryan Myers as his right rear gave away ending his night. Myers mustered a charge in his first 13 laps, rocketing from his eleventh starting spot to battling for a podium spot in third before his issues arose.

The second yellow of the evening flew on Lap 20 as Riley VanHise and Bryan Nuckles tangled in turn 3 bringing the field to a slow and bunching up the leaders. They would restart again with Owen holding his ground out front over teammate Michael Fischesser. The two couldn’t duke it out for long as another caution flag flew on Lap 22 for a spinning Aaron Middaugh in between turns one and two.

The final restart of the race on Lap 22 showcased non-wing traditional sprint car racing to its best. With just 3 laps to go, Cincinnati, Ohio driver Michael Fischesser gave it one last ditch effort in hopes of claiming his first BOSS win. Fischesser rode a lane below Owen on the top side of the speedway, trying to keep his momentum and slide his way to victory. Despite multiple challenges from the 44 machine of Fischesser, Owen motored around the top side en route to his second career BOSS win, his first coming at the Lernerville Speedway last July.

The great battles on the speedway weren’t just at the front. Great side by side, three and even four wide duels took place Saturday night. Toledo, Ohio’s Chad Wilson started 13th and battled the cars of Matt Westfall and Carmen Perigo, all three of which are 2017 BOSS Tour members, for the Top 5 all night long.

That now makes 5 different winners in 5 different appearances at the Atomic Speedway for the Rick’s Truck and Equipment Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series.

The tour makes its next stop at “The Track That Action Built” at the Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio on Saturday, May 13th.

DRC CHASSIS HEAT 1 – 1. 54-Matt Westfall (4), 2. 4J-Justin Owen (3), 3. 21-Carmen Perigo (5), 4. 77-Dustin Smith (6), 5. 14-Chad Wilson (7), 6. 44-Michael Fischesser (8), 7. 5-Bob McMillin (1), 8. 76-JJ Hughes (2)

AMERICAN RACER/LIAS TIRE HEAT 2 – 1. 59J-Kirk Jeffries (2), 2. 9G-Cody Gardner (7), 3. 19-Matt Cooley (3), 4. 99-Ryan Myers (8), 5. 53-Steve Little (5), 6. 59-Bryan Nuckles (1), 7. 40x-Adam Strausser (6), 8. 31-Buddy Lowther (4)

HOOSIER RACING TIRE/TCB SPEED HEAT 3 – 1. 87-Paul Dues (3), 2. 91x-Aaron Middaugh, (4), 3. 08-Andy Feil (2), 4. 82-Mike Miller (7), 5. 96-Riley VanHise (5), 6. 9J-Jesse McCreary (1), 7. 3-Joe Butera (6), 8. 51-Curtis Muhlenkamp (8)

FEATURE – 1. 4J-Justin Owen (2) , 2. 44-Michael Fischesser (16), 3. 77-Dustin Smith (10), 4. 59J-Kirk Jeffries (2), 5. 14-Chad Wilson (13), 6. 54-Matt Westfall (9), 7. 21-Carmen Perigo (5), 8. 9G-Cody Gardner (7), 9. 53-Steve Little (14), 10. 87-Paul Dues (6), 11. 19-Matt Cooley (4), 12. 82-Mike Miller (12), 13. 40x-Adam Strausser (20), 14. 08-Andy Feil (3), 15. 5-Bob McMillin (19), 16. 9J-Jesse McCreary (18), 17. 91x-Aaron Middaugh (8), 18. 31-Buddy Lowther (22), 19. 3-Joe Butera (21), 20. 51-Curtis Muhlenkamp (23), 21. 59-Bryan Nuckles (17), 22. 96-Riley VanHise (15), 23. 99-Ryan Myers (11), 24. 76-JJ Hughes (24)

Hard Charger Award - The Bridge Restaurant ; Sidney, OH – 44-Michael Fischesser
Hard Luck Award - J.F. Construction ; Bucyrus, OH – 76-JJ Hughes
Lucky Pill Draw Award - Apple Metal Polishing ; Eldorodo, OH – 3-Joe Butera, 40x-Adam Strausser
Perseverance Award - All Pro Cylinder Heads ; Johnstown, OH – 14-Chad Wilson
Steel Block Award - Cowen Truck Line ; Perrysville, OH – 9J-Jesse McCreary
Sweet Move Award - McMillin Apiaries ; Wampum, PA – 9J-Jesse McCreary

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