October 1987 Silver Spring Speedway

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October 1987 Silver Spring Speedway

Post by bmotb » Sun Feb 10, 2008 7:41 pm

I have been searching for awhile now looking for results of the only modified show held at Silver Spring when I ran across a video on sale on e-bay of this event. I have a small recap here and I apologize for any spelling errors.

just got done watching the Johnny Stausser video that I got off e-bay of the 1987 super sportsman / small block modified race from Silver Spring Speedway. The super sportsman show wasn't too special but the modified feature was out of this world!

Some of the super sortsman seen on the disk are:

19 Dave Calaman, 1a Scott Ausherman, 222 Bob Fannasy, 71L Bobby Weaver, 77 Howie Locke, 99 Lori Wolford, 5 Brad Beecher, 91 Lanny Hake, A1A Earl Leib, 43 R.L. Beivenour, 62 Steve Mcglauglin, 1 Harold Wike, 80 Phil Long, 71 Gary Wolford, 28 Keith Prutzman, 47 Rich Eichelberger, 66 Leroy Martin, 15 John Yinger, 11 Tim Leiphart, 75 George Group, 76 Dave Cordier jr, 72 Chuck Reinart, 30 Fiola, 69 Larry Jackson, 07 Smokey Snellbaker, 3 Johnny Murphy, 2K Joey Kuhn, A1 Dwight Leib, 12 Danny Hager, 33 Larry Moore, 87 Paul Troutman, 82 Bill Heckert, 39 George Riden, 222Y Bob Seeds. #19 Dave Calaman Wins!

Some of the small block modifieds on hand were:

33 Ray Sweinhart, 7 Scott Irwin, 1 Tom Mayberry, 12 Ronnie Tobias, 5M Ed Miller, J19 Doug Garbach (spl), 83 Junior Mikoz (spl), 86 Elvin Felty, 42 Chad Ulrich, 144 Mike Erb, 81 Randy Bailey, 22 Chip Slocum, 3 Mike Nicholas, 669 Dave Mcgough, 5s Craig VonDohren, 58 Terry Reimert, 30 Randy Masser, 77 Rick Scheaffer, 115 Jack Foillweller(spl), 7 Kenny Gilmore, 131 Barry White, 611 Gary Grim, 85 Bobby Gerhart jr, 17 Clifford Quinn, 9D Keith Kocker (spl), M41 Matt Reimert, 114 Duane Howard, 7 Charlie Gilmore, 91 Ralph Brightbill, 1a Carmen Perigo sr, USA 1 Bob Lineman, 2H paul Richards, 78 Keith Carl, 10 Dave Gerhart, 23B Dave Shoffstall, 4 Davey Wenger, 16 Dennis Bailey, 17 Terry Peters.

Tom Mayberry has Elvin Felty and Ronnie Tobias all over him for several laps untill Tobias spins in turn 4. Felty puts a slider on mayberry only to hook the cushion and bend the right rear wheel and later dropping out! Late in the race Gerhart battles for the lead but Mayberry wins!
1 Tom Mayberry
85 Bobby Gerhart jr.
115 Jack Foilweller (spl)
12 Ronnie Tobias (after going to rear)
81 Randy Bailey
5M Ed Miller
7 scott Irwin

Mod notes:

Chip Slocum dominated his heat race but failed post race tech because he had a tubular chassis, legal in Jersey, but not legal yet for Pa.

1 modified flipped on the back stretch, I think it was Kenny Gilmore (not caught on film)

Disk is very good quality for 1987 and it was well worth the money to add this to my collection!!!!

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Re: October 1987 Silver Spring Speedway

Post by greenflag » Mon Feb 11, 2008 8:59 pm

I was unaware that Silver Spring held a Modified race. Thanks for the info, sounded like a good one.

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