new history project

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new history project

Post by Scott Harro » Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:48 am

starting a new project for the history archives for selinsgrove speedway. looking for photos of the following people. preferably doing there job at selinsgrove, but any photo will suffice. categories are promoters, flagmen, announcers, handicappers, trophy queens. if you know of someone i've missed please let me know. if you have pics that i can use please email me or post them here and i will get them. thanks

Herm Braim
Terry Gonzales
Bill Groom
Jack Gunn
Tim Hughes
George "Buster" Keller
Barry King
Bob Leiby
Tom Livelsberger
George Marshman
Sam Nunis
Charlie Paige
Tedd Reitz
Bob Richwine
Joe Trone
Earl Zechman
George Zechman

Butch Book
Nick Fornoro Sr.
Leroy Gabel
Rudy Ganzel
Bob Garlinger
D ick Gaumer
Barry King
Randy Kline
Galen Kohler
Dan Lengle
Charlie Paige
Les Shearer

Ed Clark
D ick Crownover
Chris Economaki
Jack Gunn
Steve Inch
Tedd Reitz
Ken Stahl
Jeff Ulrich

Harold Lockwood
Bryan Householder
Jeff Ulrich

trophy queens
don't have a list so i'll take whatever you have
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Re: new history project

Post by SLINKMASTERC » Sat Apr 26, 2008 2:29 pm


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