Path Valley results 9/20

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Path Valley results 9/20

Post by racinrob » Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:58 pm

Full Moon in full effect at Path Valley

It is a long standing superstition that strange things happen at the race track when it is on or near a full moon. Such was the case on Friday night at Path Valley.

The 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars were the first feature of the night. Things seemed fairly normal during the race. Dalton McQuade led from start-to-finish. Justin Rasp got a flat tire in the first few laps, but rallied back after getting the tire replaced to finish second. After the checkered flag dropped is when the unusual started. McQuade was disqualified for safety infractions, making Rasp the official winner. Second thru fifth went to Tony Hampton, Kyle Martin, Shaun Linn, and Corey Wagner. Linn and McQuade won the heat races.

Brad McGinnis made his first appearance this year at Path Valley pay off with a win in the Super Stock feature. Curtis Guyer started alongside McGinnis on the front row, and they stayed side-by-side in the early going with Guyer leading laps three and four. McGinnis regained the lead on lap five and was not challenged after that, winning by nearly a full straightaway. Guyer held on to second while Deron Henry and Austin Johnson made late charges to finish third and fourth. Alex Boozel came home fifth. McGinnis and Guyer won their heat races.

The Late Model feature was next and the “full moon effect” kicked back in. There were four cautions before the first lap was scored. One of those occurred while they were on the pace lap getting ready to go back to green. There were a total of seven cautions in the first four laps. Danny Snyder started on the pole and led the first four laps before pulling to the pit area on lap five. George Dixon inherited the lead at that point, and it was a lead he would not relinquish. After the early struggles, the race went non-stop the last 21 laps. Dixon stretched out a large lead, only to have Dave Dunkle close the gap as the leaders worked thru lapped traffic. At the finish the margin of victory was only two car lengths with Dixon leading Dunkle across the line. Third thru fifth went to Transtan Stoner, Patrick Bryner, and Tim Snare. The heat race winners were Snyder, Stoner, and Dixon.

Sometimes the “full moon effect” isn’t just about cautions and disqualifications. Sometimes it is about a driver pulling off an unexpected upset. Such was the case in the Mini Stock feature. Jeremy Ott and Kurt Knepper started on the front row and Ott took the early lead. Ott has over 100 feature wins in his career and Knepper had none, so most figured it would be Ott’s race to win. Knepper, on the other hand, had other ideas. While Ott ran the high groove Knepper stayed low and started to catch Ott. Knepper drove past Ott, took the lead on lap four, and began to pull away. Ott closed back in around lap twelve, but then Knepper pulled away by a few car lengths. Ott made one final run, pulling to the inside of Knepper as they exited the final turn. They made side-by-side contact down the frontstretch, but Knepper crossed the line one car length ahead of Ott for his first career feature win. Travis Semple, Gage Whitsel, and Mark Grove finished third thru fifth. Ott was the heat race winner.

Mike Desch scored his second victory at Path Valley this year in the Street Stock feature. Desch led all twenty laps, keeping point leader Ken Singer several car lengths behind. Ronnie Garlock finished third, Ryan Sager fourth, and Dustin Kirk fifth. The heat race was won by Singer.

Justin Williamson notched another win in the Strictly Stock feature, running his total at Path Valley to thirteen in 2013. What is even more amazing than his win total is that he has won all these races in several different cars. Charlie Stallman finished in second, followed by Barry Snyder and Scott Rohr. Stallman won the heat race.

Natasha Moore beat five other competitors to win the 4-Cylinder Powder Puff race and Wayne Wright beat eight other drivers in the 4-Cylinder Mechanics race.

Path Valley results 9/20

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1.Justin Rasp (McConnellsburg, PA), 2.Tony Hampton, 3.Kyle Martin, 4.Shaun Linn, 5.Corey Wagner, 6.Terry Smith, 7.Marcus Childress, 8.Troy Showalter, 9.Robert McQuade DQ: Dalton McQuade
Lap Leaders: Dalton McQuade (1-20)
Heats: Shaun Linn, Dalton McQuade

Super Stock: 1.Brad McGinnis (Huntingdon, PA), 2.Curtis Guyer, 3.Deron Henry, 4.Austin Johnson, 5.Alex Boozel, 6.Brad Feight, 7.Dan Furman, 8.Carl Miller, 9.Shawn Fessler, 10.Curt Dunn, 11.Ryan Norris, 12.Bobbie Hoy, 13.Shawn Gill, 14.Devin Hart, 15.Joe Daywalt
Lap Leaders: Brad McGinnis (1-2, 5-20), Curtis Guyer (3-4)
Heats: Brad McGinnis, Curtis Guyer

Late Model: 1.George Dixon (Huntingdon, PA), 2.Dave Dunkle, 3.Transtan Stoner, 4.Patrick Bryner, 5.Tim Snare, 6.Todd Snook, 7.Andy Fries, 8.Wes Bonebrake, 9.Steve Bailor, 10.Jim O’Hara, 11.Jason Peachey, 12.Brian Benton, 13.Dan Sollers, 14.Danny Snyder, 15.Jake Moser, 16.Garrett Gray, 17.Brad Long, 18.Wade Dickenson
Lap Leaders: Danny Snyder (1-4), George Dixon (5-25)
Heats: Danny Snyder, Transtan Stoner, George Dixon

Mini Stock: 1.Kurt Knepper (Chambersburg, PA), 2.Jeremy Ott, 3.Travis Semple, 4.Gage Whitsel, 5.Mark Grove, 6.Gary Dehart, 7.Phil Boden, 8.Jeff Koser, 9.Kenny Black
Lap Leaders: Jeremy Ott (1-3), Kurt Knepper (4-20)
Heat: Jeremy Ott

Street Stock: 1.Mike Desch (Tyrone, PA), 2.Ken Singer, 3.Ronnie Garlock, 4.Ryan Sager, 5.Dustin Kirk, 6.Dave Brown, 7.Calvin Redding, Earhart
Lap Leaders: Mike Desch (1-20)
Heat: Ken Singer

Strictly Stock: 1.Justin Williamson (Orbisonia, PA), 2.Charlie Stallman, 3.Barry Snyder, 4.Scott Rohr DNS: Travis Heckman
Lap Leaders: Justin Williamson (1-20)
Heat: Charlie Stallman

Powder Puff: 1.Natasha Moore, 2.Rayshawna Hardy, 3.Wendy Anderson, 4.Abbye Krouse, 5.Samantha Guyer, 6.Linday Hockenberry

Mechanics Race: 1.Wayne Wright, 2.Tim Anderson, 3.Rayshawna Hardy, 4.Tony Linn, 5.Brad Beatty, 6.Bronson Krouse, 7.Calvin Hampton, 8.Vince Shifflett, 9.Phil Benedict DNS: Nathan Black, Greg Leturgey

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