Motorama 2014

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Motorama 2014

Post by greenflag » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:17 pm

Was it me or is this show slowly losing it's flavor each year? Don't get me wrong I have been going to this event for an estimated 18 years straight as it is sort of a tradition.

The speed show has been losing cars, hardly any race cars again this year. The only vendors you will find these days are over priced motorcycle gear and non-racing stuff. The tunerwar show lost a lot of cars, I couldn't believe how much open floor space they had.

I enjoyed the arena cross, probably spent most of my time there and the RC cars had a lot of competitors and it was fun to watch. The quarters had some scary accidents and hopefully the kids that were injured will be okay. Very upsetting to see a young kid be put on a backboad and an ambulance pulling onto the track. Unfortunately, some youngsters required medical attention in the arenacross as well, and I just can't stand seeing that. Also can't stand hearing 'race fans' laugh when a kid falls over with his bike. Disgusting.

And, I never usually go to the go-karts because the seating sucks and the smell takes two years off your life, so I can't comment on the gokart racing but I'm sure it was enjoyable.

I think the show will lose more dirt track racing fans. After we pay $8 to park and $25 to attend, we must eat $6 cheesburgers that are not very good. The show just doesn't do it for us anymore. Less cars, less things to do, more $$$$.

It's a shame but I think it continues to go downhill ever since the Friday oval track for the Micro Sprints stopped.

Don't get me wrong, it should still succeed in general, but I'm considering my plans next year as far as making it the 19th straight year.

Anyone else attend this year? What were your thoughts?

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Re: Motorama 2014

Post by 24-89 fan » Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:52 pm

I went on Sunday, got there at 9 when the doors opened, spent the day checking all the events out, then headed to the Arena to watch the Motorcross Finals which lasted until 5:30.

We've gone about the last 5 years and I definately have noticed that the building which houses the race car show portion has way more product stands that it does race cars. That area was packed on Sunday while we were walking around, which the bikini contest was going on when we were in that area, which the used to have that in the tuner car section where they had a ton more room.

I too was shocked at the left over space at the car show/ tuner war area, but after talking to some people that actually were from Trailways, sounds like there were tons more cars that were actually entered, however the weather kept them away. With that being said, can't say I blame them, I wouldn't be transporting in that weather unless I absolutely had too.

One new addition that we went to check out, which I thought was pretty awesome, they had a mountain bike show. Those guys were amazing!!

Motorcross track was much tamer than last year and the starting line was only half as wide, which kind of sucked for some of the guys because they were stacked at the start and from what I seen with the 4 wheelers, if you weren't starting in the front row, you didn't have much of a chance.

But all in all, I still look forward to it, I only go on Sundays and make sure I get there early enough that I can get a parking spot and not have to worry about parking elsewhere and getting on a shuttle bus.
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