Sidewinder Sprints 05/23 and 05/24

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Sidewinder Sprints 05/23 and 05/24

Post by Cobra » Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:19 pm

Sidewinder Sprints – 05/23/14, 05/24/14 Salony and Zielonis, Ford and Whary

Trail-Way 05/23

For the first Trail-Way appearance of the 2014 season the Sidewinder regulars faced the challenge of 2 local 600 teams. Both semi-regular Sidewinder driver, Jim Young and Brad Weber came to play. The first feature saw both 600 cars show the way and cross the line in the preceding order. After the checkers however was when the great result unraveled. Earlier in the evening the teams were told that there would be no scales due to Trail-Way’s scales not working. Veteran racer Jim Young made the error of thinking that scales and tech were related and as such went straight to his trailer without heading to tech. Unfortunately for Brad Weber, he followed the race winner Young up the pits to his trailer.

Both teams accepted the penalty with grace and great sportsmanship and understood that not only is the tech requirement part of the rules, that it is actually written on every lineup sheet.

This technical procedure violation created much discussion among teams over the weekend. When the statistics were analyzed, it become very obvious that by a factor of 5 to 1, that the teams that have been DQ’ed over the years were for not abiding by either going to the scales or going to tech. This discussion revolved around the question “ Is it just too difficult for drivers to remember their responsibilities straight after the checkers wave.” Some teams that have previously forgotten have a large decal on their dash to remind them… others position crew members near the track exit to make sure their drivers remember. With most teams (in every class) wanting some form of tech… elimination of tech is out of the question. We (Sidewinder Sprints) are confident that our teams will figure out a way to help themselves remember their responsibilities and this “problem” will eliminate itself. ( once bitten, twice shy.. not only a great line in a song.. but also a great motto).

3rd place finisher Reed Salony became the official winner in his first appearance for 2014. Brandon Yarlett showed consistency with a strong 3rd to close the gap a little on Mike Zielonis in 4th. Jason Stahl debuted that Zielonis back up car to shake it down as Mike chases his first Sidewinder Sprints title.

Trail-Way results Feature One Feature Two Final Total
Driver Start Finish Points Start Finish Points Points total Hard Charger
Reed Salony (22R) 7 1 134 3 2 105 239 7
Brandon Yarlett (4T) 5 2 115 5 3 105 220 5
Mike Zielonis (81) 9 5 102 1 1 105 207 4
Jason Stahl (81Z) 4 4 90 6 4 100 190 2
Rich Halter (04) 6 3 110 4 10 58 168 -3
Jim Young (8) 1 9 60 9 5 102 162 -4
Turk Tabb (95) 10 7 88 10 8 72 160 5
Zach Overmiller (75) 8 6 88 2 9 61 149 -5
Rohan Beasley (14) 2 8 66 8 7 80 146 -5
Brad Weber (17) 3 10 57 7 6 84 141 -6

Tire Shootout Invitational Results – Trail-Way;

Hoosier strikes back with the top 2. American Racer takes 3rd to 5th

Season points below include an error correction form the first week.

American Racer – 43 pts
Hoosier – 17 pts

Path Valley 05/24

Upon arrival at the clay high banks, it looked like the surface would be the drier slick summertime surface that the teams salivate over. Mother Nature however had other ideas. A quick shower before hot laps and some intermittent showers through the night ensured a fast tacky soft surface. With 3 cars making their 2014 debut and 2 of the 600 teams taking the challenge the results could not be predicted. Keith Ford hasn’t raced for almost 2 years but showed that he was able to quickly knock the rust off and made the most of his first feature pole starting position to take the win. Steve Whary showed that he would be more than competitive in his first start with the Sidewinders moving from his 4th starting position to finish 2nd. 3rd went to Ben Houtz in his first 2014 appearance.

Close call of the night went to Jason Stahl trying the high line in the 81Z. Jason almost backed it into the turn 2 concrete and later had a brake problem forcing him to withdraw from the remaining proceedings.

The second feature saw Steve Whary pick up where he left off with a dominating passing clinic from his 6th starting position to take the win and overall combined win for the night. Mike Zielonis came home 2nd and was able to extend his Season Championship lead. 3rd place was Ben Houtz. Ben’s 2 third places finishes were good enough for 2nd overall. This is the first time 600cc teams had filled the first two positions.

Once again the need to go to the scales and tech claimed a victim. This time it was 5th place finisher Rohan Beasley that didn’t realize he was in 5th (thought he was 6th) , didn’t go to the scales and as such was subsequently DQ’ed and scored last of the starters.

That’s a great teaching moment for all teams.. if in doubt.. head to the scales and tech !

Feature One Feature Two Final Total
Driver Start Finish Points Start Finish Points Points total Hard Charger
Steve Whary (44S) 4 2 110 6 1 130 240 7
Ben Houtz (77) 3 3 95 7 3 114 209 4
Mike Zielonis (81) 8 4 108 2 2 100 208 4
Keith Ford (4D) 1 1 105 9 5 102 207 4
Zach Overmiller (75) 9 7 84 1 4 87 171 -1
Brandon Yarlett (4T) 5 5 85 5 7 74 159 -2
Matt Kreider (53) 2 8 66 8 6 88 154 -4
Rohan Beasley (14) 7 6 84 3 8 67 151 -4
Jason Stahl (81Z) 6 9 65 4 9 63 128 -8

Tire Shootout Invitational Results – Path Valley;

Hoosier strikes back harder with 4 of the top 5

American Racer – 46 pts
Hoosier – 29 pts

The results so far this year show the equality of the different engines /wheels & chassis.

Feature wins;

Micro < 760cc 10” wheels 2 wins
Upright 1000cc 13” wheels 4 wins
Micro 1000cc 10” wheels 4 win
Micro 1000cc 13” wheels 1 win

Overall top 5 finishes ;

Micro 1000cc 10” wheels 13
Upright 1000cc 13” wheels 7
Micro 1000cc 13” wheels 5
Micro <760 cc 10” wheels 4

This Week’s Questions;

Q. The Sidewinders make their first Saturday night appearance for 2014 at Path Valley this coming weekend. Normally the Saturday night action provides a slick racy surface. Will we see another team make their 2014 debut?

A. Yes, 3 new teams debuted with great results. Keith Ford made his return after almost two years on the sidelines and took a win. Steve Whary showed that he is a force at Path Valley with a feature win and nights overall win and last but not least, Ben Houtz proved that he has his car dialed in to take 2nd overall with 2 3rd place finishes.

Next Week’s Questions;

Q. This week the Sidewinder are back at Shippensburg. Last time Austin Reed showed that the bigger upright Hyper Racing chassis can get the job done on the small oval. How may uprights will step up to the challenge this time ?

Q. Can the teams remember scales and tech this week ?

Sidewinder Sprints are accepting 2014 registrations.
Drivers wishing to join are reminded to register with us ASAP (click the registration link on our website) to reserve your car number, as we do not allow duplicate numbers, and to receive important "registered team" only emails regarding rules, contingency requirements and schedules.

Sidewinder Sprints will be appearing at:
Shippensburg June 7th
Path Valley June 14th
Path Valley June 28th
Susquehanna July 3rd (Thursday Night)

For all your racing needs please contact our following partners:

Season Sponsors;

American Racer – Lias Tires ( )

Hoosier Tire - Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic ( )

Contingency Awards:

Guhl Motors ( ; For all of your Fuel Injection needs. “Highest eligible Guhl injection finisher”; Reed Salony and Mike Zielonis

Hyper Hard Charger (; Most positions gained in the features; Reed Salony and Mike Zielonis

Aero Wings ( ; Winners use Wings by Aero. "Lucky 7"; Turk Tabb and Matt Kreider

Keizer Wheels ( ); Fast Fifth Award.; Rich Halter and Zach Overmiller

Drivers 2013 points standings:
1st Mike Zielonis (81) 1148
2nd Brandon Yarlett (4T) 1000
3rd Zach Overmiller (75) 970
4th Rohan Beasley (14) 957
5th Matt Kreider (53) 741
6th Rich Halter (04) 656
7th Jason Stahl (5J) 625
8th Jim Young (8) 406
9th Jerry Strausbaugh (26) 401
10th Austin Quick (44) 395
11th Reed Salony (22R) 339
12th Keith Ford (4D) 307
13th Mike Murphy Jr (39) 258
14th Jonathon Hynes (95) 243
15th Steve Wary (44S) 240
16th Josh Chess (72) 209
17th Ben Houtz (77) 209
18th Mike Deimler (52) 163
19th Turk Tabb (95) 160
20th Brad Weber (17) 141
21st Christian Wright (22) 100
22nd Adam Meier (23M) 100
23rd Tim Townsend (56) 100
24th Tom Kirkpatrick (5) 100
25th Brett Strickler (38) 100
26th Jason Eisenhart (21) 100
27th Aaron Spahr (16) 100

Team Owner 2013 points standings:
1st Mike Zielonis (81) 1148
2nd Donna and Brandon Yarlett (4T) 1000
3rd Steve & Renee Overmiller (75) 970
4th Katie Beasley (14) 957
5th Ron Kreider (53) 741
6th Tara Halter (04) 656
7th Jim Young (8) 406
8th Jerry Strausbaugh (26) 401
9th Mike Dicely (44) 395
10th Todd Salony (22R) 339
11th Mike Zielonis (81Z) 318
12th Glenn Stahl (5J) 307
13th Keith Ford (4D) 307
14th Mike Murphy Jr (39) 258
15th David Hynes (95) 243
16th John Wary (44S) 240
17th Don Chess (72) 209
18th Ben Houtz (77) 209
19th Mike Deimler (52) 163
20th Turk Tabb (95) 160
21st Brad Weber (17) 141
22nd Ken and Chris Wright (22) 100
23rd Adam Meier (23M) 100
24th Tim Townsend (56) 100
25th Tom Kirkpatrick (5) 100
26th Party of Five (21) 100
27th Scott Spahr (16) 100
28th Mark Strickler (38) 100

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