Modified/Supermodified Winners 1954-1966

The modified and super modified divisions preceded weekly sprint car racing as the featured attraction at Williams Grove Speedway. Although sprint car racing has been presented at Williams Grove since 1939, it did not become a weekly attraction until 1967.

41 Ray Tilley
31 Johnny Mackison Sr.
30 Dick Tobias
17 Bobby Hersh
12 George Speck
10 Bobby Abel
9 Leroy Pelty
9 Mitch Smith
6 Bobby Gehrhart Sr.
5 Bud Folkenroth
5 Gene Goodling
5 Bill Miller
4 Scott Smith
3 Lyle Beahm
3 Russ Delp
3 Johnny Dubendorf
3 Neil Haight
3 George Kessler
3 Junior Ritchey
3 Roger Sowers
3 Buzz Wilson
2 Jerry Banks
2 Al Chamberlain
2 Lynn Paxton
2 Buzz Richardson
2 Frankie Thompson
1 Bernie Adams, Donnie Burg, Jack Denniston,
Paul Handshaw, Moe Harden, Fred Hurley, Shorty Kershner, Dick Kinard, Joe Lingle, Naill Marlett, Eddie McCardle, Charlier Moyer, Brian Osgood, Pee Wee Pobletts, Gerald Zeckman
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