Anthony Macri Finally Snags Williams Grove Sprint Opener
Wilbur takes wingless sportsman

Mechanicsburg – Anthony Macri of Dillsburg scored his first ever Williams Grove Speedway opening day sprint car event on Sunday afternoon, worth $5,500.

After nearly winning the event last season only to lose control on the final circuit, Macri took the lead from Ryan Taylor on lap three to get the 2024 checkered flag which was the seventh of his career at the oval and his first since July, 2022.

In the 20-lap wingless super sportsman main, Steve Wilbur of Mechanicsburg took the win.

After a failed initial start by front row drivers Cameron Smith and Danny Dietrich in the 410 sprint car main, the first and second rows swapped to put Macri and Taylor up front for the second attempt.

The ensuing try saw Billy Dietrich and Lucas Wolfe stop after a spin by Freddie Rahmer in the third turn before Steve Buckwalter slowed on the third attempt to again slow the pace.

Eventually, Taylor would lead the first circuit of the 25-lap feature with Macri first trying to muscle into the lead on the second tour.

Macri was able to make the move stick on the backstretch the next time around.

The leader entered the rear of the field with 10 laps recorded before a yellow flag regrouped the field with 10 laps to go for a stopped Taylor, who was holding down third.

After racing into second on the fourth lap, Danny Dietrich restarted second but failed to challenge for the lead and despite another restart with just two laps to go, Macri cruised to the victory on the hard daytime surface.

Dietrich finished .788 seconds behind at the finish followed by Freddie Rahmer, Lance Dewease and Chris Frank.

Sixth through 10th went to Cameron Smith, Austin Bishop, Chase Dietz, Justin Peck and Troy Wagaman Jr.

Heats went to Dewease, Taylor and Smith with TJ Stutts taking the consolation race.

Brett Perigo would lead the first seven laps of the wingless sportsman main before fourth starter Steve Wilbur drove into the top spot.

Wilbur first got by Perigo on the sixth tour only to see Perigo’s No. 2A to regain command.

But two laps later when Perigo tapped a lapped car from behind and nearly spun, Wilbur was able to take advantage and squeeze by for the lead and eventual win.

Caution flag regrouped the field on laps 13 and 17 with a red flag taking place on a lap 13 restart for a flipping Brian Nace who escaped injury.

Wilbur scored the win by 1.367 seconds ahead of Trent Yoder who started 11th.

Perigo, Tony Jackson and Dexter Ehrenzeller completed the top five.

Heats went to Matt Ondek and Andy Burkhart.

Williams Grove returns to action on Friday night, March 22 at 7:30 with a program of Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprints and the ULMS Super Late Models.

Feature Finishes

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Anthony Macri, 2. Danny Dietrich, 3. Freddie Rahmer, 4. Lance Dewease, 5. Chris Frank, 6. Cameron Smith, 7. Austin Bishop, 8. Chase Dietz, 9. Justin Peck, 10. Troy Wagaman Jr., 11. Chad Trout, 12. Dylan Cisney, 13. Danny Sams, 14. TJ Stutts, 15. Devon Borden, 16. Kyle Moody, 17. Domenic Melair, 18. Dylan Norris, 19. Hunter Mackison, 20. Ryan Taylor, 21. Steve Buckwalter, 22. Ryan Wilson, 23. Billy Dietrich, 24. Lucas Wolfe

DNQ: Mike Walter II., Rick Lafferty, Troy Fraker, Tony Jackson, Denny Peebles

Wingless super sportsman, 20 laps: 1. Steve Wilbur, 2. Trent Yoder, 3. Brett Perigo, 4. Tony Jackson, 5. Dexter Ehrenzeller, 6. Andy Burkhart, 7. Jay Fannasy, 8.Curt Stroup, 9. Brandon Shearer, 10. Troy Fraker, 11. Lzuke Lenker, 12. Eric Rutz, 13. Lance Yeager, 14. Jason Gitlesperger, 15. Joe Gabner, 16. Kevin Gutshall, 17. Brian Nace, 18. Chad Baker, 19. Matt Ondek, 20. Chris Henry

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